I found three baby robins,and im not really sure what to do with them. two have

  1. Laqwan Person profile image54
    Laqwan Personposted 5 years ago

    I found three baby robins,and im not really sure what to do with them. two have already passed

    i found three baby robins, who's mother had built a nest in the side of our grill. We checked on them frequently and we noticed that she abandoned them that night during a storm. they nearly froze to death. unfortunately two of them died. we called wildlife rescue and were told not to feed them so they wont be in danger of choking. We made a nest out of a basket with towels and a heating pad. Every time I go to check on the last one it, opens his mouth for food even while he is sleeping. Now my sister gave him so chicken and rice baby food,because he was hungry, and I'm not sure what to do.


  2. Judy Mac profile image58
    Judy Macposted 5 years ago

    For right now, get some cat food and grind it up in your blender or food processor with water to make a paste maybe a little lighter than peanut butter.  Feed at least every hour. They are hardwired to "gape" for food any time there's a vibration in the nest (means Mama's home).  Get on line or go to your local pet  store and order some meal worms.  When he gets larger, he'll gobble those. Or, you can go fancy and get some hand feeding formula for exotic birds and feed that.  The cat food has higher protein and is better for these particular birds.  This is from someone who has successfully hand raised canary chicks from day one!