How much energy is consumed to cremate a dog and is it legal?

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    ngurecoposted 5 years ago

    How much energy is consumed to cremate a dog and is it legal?

    Are environmentalists in favor of cremation or burying the dog?

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    Keith Hamposted 5 years ago

    No I wouldn't think so, you give more back to earth by a simply burial or -honestly- just leaving it to rot in the woods so life can thrive off its body. I know, its a little dark to say but its how the world works. I'm sure their is a soul and whatnot but the body is a different story completely.

    And it isn't legal to burn a dog body unless you do it somewhere that specializes it. I don't know why and I guarantee this sort of thing is vaguely touched upon or enforced anyhow.

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    DoItForHerposted 5 years ago

    One reason cremation is used is to prevent disease. Tapeworm and some other diseases are highly infectious. If it is buried, the high level of bacteria can infect groundwater.

    You mentioned only dogs, but there are cats, chickens, pigs, horses, etc. Small animals are easily cremated, but large animals are too big to fit and take a ton of energy to burn.

    Some dog food companies use euthanized animals and road kill as ingredients in their product. Only greedy corporations and their stockholders prefer this method of disposal.

    Environmentalists probably would dislike the former methods, but composting is a relatively safer method that consumes less energy and provides a high quality organic fertilizer that replaces chemical fertilizers. Composting is a great alternative.