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Cat behavior

  1. janiek13 profile image80
    janiek13posted 5 years ago

    Cat behavior

    If there is anyone out there that knows anything about cats, I would like to know why one might drop a piece of their food into their water bowl. As far as I can tell, it is not to soften it or for later consumption.


  2. PurvisBobbi44 profile image82
    PurvisBobbi44posted 5 years ago

    It could be to save it for later. Where did you get your kitty? Maybe it learn to hide food or it would not have any.

    I have never heard of this----but I watched a racoon do it every evening that visits our yard but I know why they do it---they do not have Salivary Glands so they dip their food in water to eat it.

    I have crows who put food in the birdbath to soften it up.

    Your Animal Vet. might know the answer.

    Good Luck

    1. janiek13 profile image80
      janiek13posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      He was a feral for about 4-5 months, but he never retrieves the food.

  3. Eve Mitchell profile image61
    Eve Mitchellposted 5 years ago

    It could be that doing something similar when he was a stray/feral got him some type of attention that he liked.  Maybe he thinks he's setting aside a "gift" for you when he does that. 

    Maybe it changes the taste of the water slightly, and he likes it better that way.  Does he do it pretty soon after the water's changed?  Does he do it when the water's been sitting for awhile?

    It's also possible that he's setting it aside for later, and then never retrieves it because when "later" comes he realizes he doesn't need it, but hasn't been able to unlearn the behavior.  That type of thing is very common with former strays and ferals; they learned that there was no way to know when their next meal would be, so they ate all they could whenever food was available, and maybe learned to hide some or set some aside for later.  Even years after adoption, they can't seem to unlearn that tendency. 

    It could also be that he's a cat and cats are bizarre like that.  lol  I'd say see if you can identify a pattern with it.  See if there's a particular time that he does it, like when the water's fresh or when it's not-so-fresh.  Maybe try praising him and showing him approval immediately when you see him do it, to see if how often he does it changes.  If you can find some type of pattern, then you might be able to figure out why he's doing it.

    1. janiek13 profile image80
      janiek13posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I think you may be right. It could be behavior that he can't unlearn. He also pretends to "hunt and kill" little pieces of meat that I give him.

  4. Ellieface profile image43
    Elliefaceposted 5 years ago

    Sometimes cat's think of their food as prey. He/she may be dropping it in it's water to see if the food is alive. I'm not sure if that is why your cat is exhibiting this behavior, but it could be.

    Or, your cat may just be playing with it's food. I know my cat has done this a few times. I love that about cats; they do the silliest things!

    By the way, if that is your cat in the picture, he/she is precious! I love orange cats! smile

    1. janiek13 profile image80
      janiek13posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, he is mine. His name is Larry, and he is so loving.