My 3yr mini miniature pincher keeps rubbing her back against everything and I'm

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    BlueBass13posted 4 years ago

    My 3yr  mini miniature pincher keeps rubbing her back against everything and I'm not sure why?

    And about 4 weeks ago her & my 10 month old full blooded yorkie were tangled together and she's been really tempermental and hardly not eating, and she hasn't wante to leave my moms side. Can someone tell me what's going on? I'm really worried since she is so small.

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    LittleKnownStuffposted 4 years ago

    Most dogs like to scratch their backs because it's an area that they can't reach easily so it could be she's just getting older and has some extra aches and pains. It's also possible that she has/had a bug or tick on her back that was itching her.

    If your dogs got tangled up and that triggered the behavior it's possible she has a nagging injury and is seeking relief by rubbing against different objects. See how she responds to your touch on her back, see if you feel anything unusual and if the behavior persists you could consult with your veterinarian. They might be able to recommend something over the phone and save you a visit (and a bill) if you call them at the beginning of the day before they get busy.

    If your dog isn't eating you can try baiting her food with some warm broth. Chicken or beef stock is inexpensive and you can heat it until warm in a pan with some water and then drizzle it over her kibble. This will often entice your dog to eat everything and lick the bowl clean. A few days of eating regular may help her get back to normal. Good luck!