I think Chilly just lost her muscus plug but in not sure she is between 60-65 da

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    BlueBass13posted 4 years ago

    I think Chilly just lost her muscus plug but in not sure she is between 60-65 days...

    Can anyone tell what a muscus plug looks like bc Chillys discharge was a clearish yellow an her babies have dropped down more and she's looking for a nesting place and she's been spending alot of her time on her princess pillow next to my bed and I was wondering if maybe she might have them on her bed?and how many days after her she loses her muscus plug will she go into labor? And how can you tell she is going into labor?

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    catdogloverposted 4 years ago

    The mucus plug will look like a blood clot, or you may even think it could be one of the babies, undeveloped. Your pet will start looking for a nesting place.  He or she may seem restless, maybe wandering around, going in rooms or places she doesn't usually go to, or burring in blankets.  When the labor begins your pet may start to cry, whipper, pant, and pace. The best advice I would give is to keep your pet confined to one room, maybe in a special bed or birthing box. I had a nice crate where I could see my cat and she could see me.  I had access to her and her babies, but was able to keep her confined using the door on the crate. Once she stopped wandering around wondering what was going on (I could tell she was scarred and didn't know why she was in pain and she didn't know what to do) she started to settle down and nature did the rest.  She was a wonderful mother.  I wish you and your baby all the best.