Can constipation indicate a blockage from a chicken bone? Or is it from the pump

  1. Ashley Albert profile image60
    Ashley Albertposted 18 months ago

    Can constipation indicate a blockage from a chicken bone? Or is it from the pumpkin I gave him?

    I've only had my 5 yr old dog for two weeks & he's my very first pet, so I don't know all of his habits yet. He chomped a small piece of a drumette chicken bone off the street on Sunday night & hasn't passed it 36 hours later. He's eating & drinking (he's not a big eater in general), but seems extra sleepy & since last night, has no longer been hopping up to follow me around or go for a walk.
    Fed him canned pumpkin w/ the last 3 meals & now, instead of the regular poop he'd been having, he's only produced a few small droppings the past 2 walks. Is it a sign of blockage or from the pumpkin??

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    Cissy1946posted 18 months ago

    First, take your dog to a vet. If you can't afford one then take your dog to a shelter and relinquish ownership since you obviously don't know how to care for one. You NEVER  let a dog eat chicken bones--NEVER!  Any why are you feeding him canned pumpkin? For the present, get the poor thing to a vet.

  3. DrMark1961 profile image99
    DrMark1961posted 18 months ago

    Do not feel bad that your dog grabbed a piece of chicken bone off the street. It is normal behavior for a dog and those people that are trying to make you feel bad about it are wrong. Avoid this if you can, but I have seen lots of dogs eat chicken bones and it does not mean they are going to die.
    In my experience the majority of dogs that have blockage are going to vomit. Feeding pumpkin is a good natural laxative and does not cause constipation; since you commented that the dogs does eat much maybe the amount of stool is not less. I cannot tell without examining the dog.
    If you can, I would suggest taking the dog in for an exam and perhaps an x-ray of the intestine if the vet that exams him feels it is justified.
    I am glad you are concerned about him. Get him looked at as soon as possible and hopefully all will be okay with him.