Why do baby animals keep dying around me and weird things keep happening with ot

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    Jessielynn78posted 6 months ago

    Why do baby animals keep dying around me and weird things keep happening with other animals ? Curse?

    Half of dead squirrel, wolf dog kills two baby rabbits , cat has two kittens one still birth othervdied next day , wake up step on baby frog then immediately see pray mantice. All in a month what's going on? In two weeks I burry two baby rabbits then two baby kittens, morning I have bury kitten I step on baby frog on my porch then see pray mantis. Something is seriously going on around here. I'm freaking out!!!

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    threekeysposted 6 months ago

    I don't know what is going on Jesse except to say just be careful on the preventative side. Just don't go walking out at night by yourself through a , for instance. Or, stand by a group of roudy men and women. Just do things in a safe way, until you start to see a change around you.

    I would say that life is showing you that you are completing one phase of your life cycle, one definite phase in your life. To me, these happenings are saying in their own way, to recheck and change your main held attitudes, as they will no longer serve you to live the next phase of your life.

    So, with that expressed, I would encourage you to start making a new set of life plans. Making goals about what you NOW would like to experience in your life. And prepare to turn these plans into an action plan.

    Start getting excited about this wonderful new start to your life.

    P.S. If it were me, I would give serious thought to seeing a good astrologer to give you more details.