Mast Tumors in Dogs

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  1. west40 profile image59
    west40posted 8 years ago

    Has anyone every dealt with "mast tumors" in dogs - My oldest dog has them and apparently they are beyond the point of removal - they were not found until recently - the vet was shocked because she had been in for a check-up just a week prior from when I noticed them and took her back in. 

    Is there anything I can put on them - they look terrible but the vet says they are not hurting her yet.

  2. Padrino profile image61
    Padrinoposted 8 years ago
    1. west40 profile image59
      west40posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      This article was the best one I've read yet and was very helpful.  THANK YOU.
      Unfortunately, we are in the position of just making sure she has a good quality of life for the rest of it.

  3. profile image52
    stevenjakeryanposted 8 years ago

    Hi everyone ,I want to share my story of my beloved and sadly missed american bulldog Sampson , who passed away on saturday night 27/3/2010 aged 10yrs 8mnths. This is a story of love regrets and confusion that relates to a tumor which was discovered on his right thigh about 3yrs ago. It started out as a bump like a little mole , which did not have a real reason to alarm me at the time until it started to grow. not being sure i took him to a vet and they took a core sample and told me it was the aggresive form of tumor a dog can get and to remove it would most likely cause it to spread through out his body and sooner than later kill him , my wife and i were gut wrenched to hear that. They said there was even a posability his leg would not cope and after be amputated , and a dog of his size would not cope with that , and i asked what if i decide not to tamper with it and leave him to live his life as to me he seemed quite happy being a dog , the vet said he had about 6mnths to 12mnths to live and at that point i thought if the op goes ahead and he dies sooner i'll never forgive myself and should have listened to what my heart was saying. The growth remained and lived normally still running ,rolling and playing for 3yrs after first diagnosis. It wasnt until mid 2009 that it started to grow to the size of a small lemon that i got another opinion and this vet said it was nothing but a cist and its not a bother to him , but look at getting it removed for about 8 to 900 dollars. Then just before christmas time it ballooned to the size of an orange and 2mnths after that it got small ulcerations that would appear then heal etc. His condition was showing alot more signs of old age than being affected by the growth , he was had going deaf , cloudy eyes and irregular weight gain and loss and over the last 4 or so wks looked really old and unstable on his legs , a bit wobbly when trying to scratch. Then 2 days before he was to be admitted for his operation on the 29th 0f march to remove it , it burst at the base and through blood loss and anemia as a result he didnt recover. There were alot of what ifs after his passing , but the vet i took him to did say it was old age for a dog of his size and the growth wasnt the reason he died , and like an old human the body just says its time to go and mother nature calls them home. Love for him was the reason i did not get the surgery done 3yrs ago because i didnt want him to die if i decided to get it done and not going ahead let him live the extra 3yrs to a couple of mnths off 11yrs old. Something in me was saying leave it alone and another part was saying get it removed and that tormnented my emotions everyday until his passing and still will for some time to come and if he is with me now in spirit he will understand why i done what i decided by how my heart and soul aches for him , he knows he was loved , i just could not put him through the agony of major surgery or limb loss or cut his life short.

    1. west40 profile image59
      west40posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for your story - my dog is doing well other than the tumor that is fairly big and ugly - she still runs plays and is the same dog as she was 6 months ago when she was diagnosed with the tumor - I hope she has many more days of running and playing and being happy.

    2. jaynesegmn profile image57
      jaynesegmnposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Steven jake ryan,
      Your dog  Sampson certainly is with you in spirit, and in God's care. Just focus on the wonderful life you gave him and he enjoyed, do not focus on the negative, he wouldve wanted your happiness. Some pets lives are shorter and some long, but it is still all worth it. And remember the animal prayer at www.Silent    that    "Not one is forgotten"

  4. Izzy Anne profile image60
    Izzy Anneposted 8 years ago

    My dog has a mouth tumour that is growing very fast.  I cannot find out much about it, but I guess it won't help much because as the  vet said, each dog has his own prognosis.  At the moment he is very happy and playful.  The tumour was removed three weeks ago, but had grown again. 

    All we can do is to love and spoil him as much as possible now.  Their lives are short.

    1. west40 profile image59
      west40posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Izzy Anne - my dog had that as well as the mast tumors - it was a melanoma and was removed - it had not grown back yet but the mast tumor is what did her in.  Good luck and enjoy her.

      1. profile image48
        jilbertposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        I will refer you to a website with great information on a natural treatment for dogs or people with cancer.  It is the Budwig diet using FlaxOil and lowfat cottage cheese. … onials.htm

        The thing is this: just google Budwig diet and canines and a lot will come up.  Testimonials from people whose dogs did well.  You can read about Johanna Budwig, etc...  Hope this helps  You can kind of see from reading how much to use.


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