A Fabulous Holistic Therapy for Pets

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    VeeJayposted 10 years ago

    Hi All,
    I am new to this site, yet in my enthusiasm I cannot but help let others know of a beautiful therapy that I am in the process of training in.  To see the fantastic results on dogs and cats (and  even on horses though I am not trained in the Equine side of the therapy) is phenomenal and unprecedented.
    As a human Bowen Therapy practitioner, I am absolutely blessed to be also training to be a animal practitioner, and will soon be certified at the end of the year after slogging away for 2 years, flying backwards and forwards to Queensland to perform my 'hands on' training. 
    However, having said that, I know that it will all be definitely well worth it.  And the more alternative therapies working along side vets, the better it will be for the animals!
    What is it you ask?  Firstly, may I say that it is EXTREMELY difficult to explain to anyone who has never experienced it, as it is unlike any other therapy. 
    It is not manipulation nor massage, even though we do use our thumbs and index fingers to complete the moves.
    It is a very gentle and unobtrusive therapy that works on activating the body's own innate healing systems.  Every bodily system is addressed through a series of gentle moves, with the intention and purpose of assisting the body to come back to harmony and balance. 
    Initially we are addressing the nervous system, as well as working on muscles, ligaments and organs.  Even though Bowen is gentle, it is also extremely powerful, and can be seen to work immediately in many cases, especially in animals as they don't possess any scepticism or preconceived ideas.  It either works or it doesn't!
    I would highly recommend that if you or your pets are suffering in any way, that you investigate this therapy, as I am sure that you will not regret it.
    Blessings to All