What would Snickers think?

  1. The_Lost_Compass profile image60
    The_Lost_Compassposted 5 years ago

    Why aren't they walking me? I've been waiting all day for one. Wait, i'll jump all over them that could work.

    Fail. Got kicked out of the kitchen instead.

    Hhhmmmm, if I chase the cat that could work.

    Fail, cat just smacked me. Stupid sharp claws. I'll get you when you sleep.

    I'll rip up my teddy instead. Gggrrrrr, evil teddy. I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!

    Mum putting shoes on, this could be it!!! Woo, she getting her silver jingly metal things and black back carry majig.

    Aw, she's going to abandon me, but if jump up on her now maybe I can go with her.

    No, no. She's in the big blue wheelie thing and it's growling as it steals her away. I hope she's coming back.

    What if she never comes back. OMG!!! I'll never be fed again. I can't go to the toilet in here either!

    Wait dad is still here, he can feed me still. Lucky escape.

    He's putting on his paw covers and getting his silver jingly metal things. Oh, he's going to sit on the giant white water bowl.

    Might as well continue destroying that evil bear.

    Dads coming back, going towards my neck rope.