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GPS Dog Collars Track and Find Lost Dogs and Pets

Updated on November 13, 2014

Pet Tracker for Lost Dogs

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker - European Version ONLY
Tractive GPS Pet Tracker - European Version ONLY

Now a fast way to find your lost dog or cat when they escape from their yard or home. When you dog gets loose and starts to run in the neighborhood it's scary, they could get hit by a car, picked up by someone and never come home.


How to Find a Lost Dog with Technology

Technology has come to the pet world with the Tractive GPS Pet Tag. Not only can you your track and find your lost dog or cat when they run away from home, but you can keep track of your sporting dog's activities in the field, or where your furry friend is going when the pet sitter visits. (wonder if this would work on kids???)

When your dog runs away from home, escapes the backyard, or sneaks out of the door it is very scary for any pet owner. The danger of your pet wandering in the neighborhood and in the street makes everyone fear the worst. I know I've been there, I've seen Facebook postings of friends looking pleading for people to keep an eye out for their puppy who has run away.

Unfortunately many dogs who escape from the comfort of home never return. Although some are picked up by the humane society, or the animal control and brought to the animal shelter to await your call and ride home, most are not this lucky.

Some people, when they "find a nice dog" decide to keep them instead of looking for their real owner or family. Worse, some are hit by cars and are killed.

It's about time the pet industry has finely embraced technology when it comes to our pets. It seems so simple, but finally there is an electronic Pet Locator Tag with a GPS tracing system for your dog or cat.

The Smartphone GPS tracking function really comes in handy as you are driving around your neighborhood calling your dogs name. If you ever wondered what to do if you lost your pet don't these new pet products will take some of the worry out bringing your dog or cat home again.

I know what it's like to have my pets disappear, thankfully all of them came home safe and sound. But the first time it happened was twenty five years the night before I got married. My my black cat Kitty snuck out of my apartment and I spent an hour frantically calling her with tears in my eyes.

She eventually came running out of the woods and lived another twenty years, but it would have been a lot easier to go outside with my smart Android phone Ap and find her via tracking beacon.

Help Your Pet Find Their Way Home

There are many ways of helping to identify your pet and make sure they return home. Some are easy, tried and true methods of spreading the work, others are more high tech ways of finding your pet.

  1. Standard printed name tag
  2. Digital Pet Tag
  3. Microchipping (under the skin)
  4. GPS tracker tag
  5. QR digital tag
  6. Post reward signs
  7. Post lost dog messages on Facebook

Don't wait until it's too late, take preventative measures now before your pet escapes.

My dogs, Leah and Brody
My dogs, Leah and Brody

QR Tracker Tags for Pets

QR Code Pet ID Tag Accessory w/ Smartphone GPS Tracking
QR Code Pet ID Tag Accessory w/ Smartphone GPS Tracking

If anyone finds your dog wandering in the neighborhood they can scan the QR code with their smart phone and it will pull up your phone number and any other contact information you would like to submit so you and your pet can be reunited. You can even include reward information in the notes.


GPS and QR Code Pet Collars

More and more pet companies are creating easier ways to find your lost pet. Some are simple QR code tags which store your all your pets contact information, including veterinarian, health history and even reward information.

If you ever had the experience of thinking you would never see your pet again these tags will give you a little more piece of mind.

RoamEO Pet Monitor System
RoamEO Pet Monitor System

Hunters and sporting dog enthusiasts have always had the challenge of finding their retrieving dogs in the field.

This monitor system is the most versatile and high tech method of finding your pet when it gets separated from you, whether on a hike, a hunt, or just out for a walk.


Has Your Pet Ever Wandered Away From Home?

See results

If you liked what you read, or have a suggestion on how to keep your pet safe, share it with the world.

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    • ThreeQuarters2Day profile imageAUTHOR

      Dawn Romine 

      4 years ago from Nebraska

      @jasonjzotara: I'll have to look for that one and suggest it also, is there a monthly fee for Tagg?

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 

      4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      This is a great idea (a GPS tag) - If such a thing existed in the 90's we could have found our lost kitty

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      What about Tagg GPS Pet Tracker? Only device that uses both GPS and cellular technology to find a lost pet. Get alerts when they escape and locate using mobile or desktop anywhere in the U.S. Best technolgy out there! We have for our Corgi and highly recommend to any pet owner.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      4 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice review, I haven't got any pets now except cows and sheep which really are not pets, but I still love them. These are great ideas you have here to keep track of your dog if they aren't on a lease.


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