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About Havanese Dogs

Updated on November 14, 2014
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Hope Saidel is co-owner of Golly Gear, a bricks-and-mortar and online shop featuring fun, affordable and practical small dog products

Havanese are bouncy bundles of joy!

The first Havanese I met was Potter, a gorgeous all-black fellow with a joy for life and sweet nature that made me an instant fan of the breed. That first impression still holds - the more Havanese I meet, the better I like them!

Potter was an only child at the time - now he has two human brothers and has proven a wonderful family dog, and true companion.

As more people become familiar with Havanese, their popularity can only continue to grow. As the Havanese Club of America writes: "Today the Havanese is a happy, outgoing, sturdy, short-legged small dog with a soft profuse, untrimmed coat. Combining an outgoing temperament with their trainability, Havanese are excellent candidates for obedience training. He is an affectionate, happy dog with a lively, springy gait."

At our online and bricks-and-mortar shop, Golly Gear, we specialize in fun, affordable and practical products, especially for small dogs. We'd love to help you outfit your Havanese!

Kibbles and tidbits about the Havanese

  • Havanese are generally fairly quiet dogs and are well-suited to apartment life.
  • The characteristic "bounce" of the Havanese is due to their front legs being slightly shorter than the back legs.
  • Havanese have never had any job other than to be wonderful companions.
  • The soft, long fur of the Havanese requires frequent grooming - although they should have a "ragamuffin" appearance.
  • All Havanese in the United States are descended from 11 dogs that were brought to this country by wealthy Cubans fleeing the Cuban revolution.
  • It is the only breed developed in Cuba. The progenitors of the breed were brought over from Europe, probably as early as the 16th Century.


Delightful, adorable, and trainable

There aren't very many toy dogs that qualify as excellent first dogs, and excellent family dogs. The Havanese, despite its size (averaging 10 to 16 pounds) is an excellent companion dog for just about any living or family situation, although young children should always be supervised around dogs for everyone's safety.

Havanese are also known to be fairly easily housebroken (atypical of toy dogs), very bright, and very trainable. Havanese excel in performance sports such as Obedience, Rally, and Agilty; although when the mood strikes a Havanese it can "perform for the crowd" and become an entertaining, misbehaving clown.

People who own Havanese are guaranteed a regular dose of smiles - these dogs are affectionate, both on the distribution and receiving end. They are not particularly shy, although, like all toy dogs, they should be familiarized with many situations and kinds of people from an early age to prevent timidity.

Most Havanese love being the center of attention and, given any encouragement, will perform at any opportunity. They are generally friendly to both people and other dogs.

Havanese are healthy dogs

Generally speaking, Havanese are a healthy breed, with some genetic predisposition to eye problems. They may also experience some allergies or food sensitivities, which can usually be fairly easily controlled.

Regular grooming is a must; Havanese are double-coated dogs whose fur can mat and tends to pick up all kinds of debris. They require a minimum of exercise to stay healthy, but are probably willing participants in outdoor play and activities.

© 2009 Hope

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    • ctavias0ffering1 profile image

      ctavias0ffering1 8 years ago

      Nice lens, I'm not familiar with these dogs, they sound like a lot of fun.

    • Lady Gotrocks profile image

      Lady Gotrocks 8 years ago

      Very nice start to your lens! Can't wait to see the rest.