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Learn How To Cure Distemper Quickly

Updated on September 4, 2013

Distemper is a disease that typically affects companion animals such as dogs. It is common in a variety of other animals such as wolves, skunks, ferrets, coyotes, and foxes. The disease is a very contagious illness that is typically spread through physical contact with bodily fluids. In most cases this illness is spread through inhalation. It is not common for this disease to be spread through watering dishes or feeding dishes because the disease is not able to survive in this environment for very long. Distemper is dangerous for any animal and needs to be treated quickly. If you think your pet might have this serious illness, here are some ideas to help you cure distemper quickly.


The symptoms associated with canine distemper can range wildly. However the following symptoms can present themselves in a canine that has been exposed to distemper. The gastrointestinal tract of the animal, the respiratory system, the brain and the spinal cord are all susceptible to the distemper illness. It is not uncommon for the following symptoms to become visual. Fever is a very common problem. This can occur a few days after exposure to the illness. Loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, trouble breathing, coughing, eye and mouth discharge, muscle twitching, weakness, paralysis, and seizures are all possible with this serious illness. An animal that has contracted distemper can also show signs of pain when touched.


Distemper is not as common as it use to be simply because a great number of animals have been vaccinated from this disease. However it is still possible for outbreaks to occur. The best treatment for this disease is prevention. This requires that pet owners have their animals vaccinated so they never have to worry about trying to cure distemper at all. If your animal is showing any of the above signs there is a chance that it could have contracted this potentially deadly disease.

Distemper Dog


Because there is no specific treatment for this sickness most veterinarians will treat each individual symptom separately. Depending on the number of symptoms present, this treatment can be costly and it can be time sensitive. If you suspect that your dog has contracted this illness it is important that you seek medical help immediately. Even when proper treatment is provided it is still possible that your animal could have permanent neurological damage. This can present as pain during petting or as muscle twitching. Because distemper is such a deadly illness and because there is no specific treatment for the sickness, it is important that you have your pet properly vaccinated at an early age. The vaccination is not expensive and it could save the life of your pet.


The cure for distemper is proper pet care. Having your animal vaccinated at an early age and maintaining the health and appearance of your animal is important. Always keep your pet away from wild animals. This could require that you keep your animal in a fenced in area or that you allow your animal to live indoors. Regardless of what it needs, a good pet owner will make the needed modifications to the lifestyle of their pet. Distemper is not something that should be played with and you need to do what ever it takes to safe guard your pet and their life.

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