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How to get a good night’s sleep when you have a new puppy.

Updated on July 4, 2008
Kiwi, Elektra & Paige
Kiwi, Elektra & Paige

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The problem is that your puppy is whining and crying all night long, right? Remember, in part two of this article we talked about the instinct that tells your puppy he is vulnerable when he is alone? A young pup, no matter where you confine him at night, has a strong instinct telling him to call his mother to come and lead him back to the pack. Alone he is in danger, so he will do what instinct tells him and whine and cry until a pack member (you) comes to his rescue. Each time you get up to reprimand the pup you are actually teaching him that you will come at his call. Pack members come when the leader calls. Who's the boss now?

The solution is crate training. You will need to locate the crate in the same room with you, preferably within arms reach, so that he can see you and hear your voice telling him to be quiet and sleep. Teaching your puppy to sleep in a crate is good for both of you. He has the sense of being safe in a den and because he knows that he is not to soil the den, he will resist the urge to relieve himself when confined to the crate which will facilitate house training.

Reprimanding a puppy while in a crate generally consists of startling him by rapping noisily on the top of the crate and issuing a firm command to be quiet. Occasionally you may need to cover the door of the crate as well, but don't cover the whole thing and block the ventilation. You will get lots more sleep with the puppy close at hand and in less than a month you should be able to re-locate the puppy's crate to the room of choice without a problem.

Here is another reason to crate train. Gradually, as the puppy matures, the idea of "den" will extend to your whole house, but for now you need to start small and teach him to keep his crate clean.

Warning: if you don't let the puppy out to relieve himself before he has an accident, you could inadvertently teach him that making a mess means early release from confinement. That bad habit is very hard to correct, so do yourself a favor and don't let it get started.

Make life easy on both of you and be sure that he is fed on a regular schedule, taken outside after eating, after a play session and just before bed and let outside as soon as he wakes up. You should not have to get up in the middle of the night to put the puppy out. A stretch of 6-8 hours should be doable as long as the puppy wasn't fed late or allowed to tank up on water during the evening hours.

Crate Training Your Puppy

B4's Lady Elektra von Holland
B4's Lady Elektra von Holland

A voice of experience...

At B4 Boxers, a 27 year veteran of raising AKC Boxer puppies, training them has become pretty much second nature. Our goal is to not only produce top quality specimens of the breed, but to carefully match each puppy's personality with potential owners and then teach those new owners how to train and manage their precious new puppy.

As a result we just don't see unhappy owners and many of them come back years later to purchase another puppy. Our greatest joy comes when we see our fur babies living happy, fulfilling lives as members of a family and not just a D-O-G.

This series of articles is intended to help that process along.


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    • profile image

      Grace White 6 years ago

      Thank you...this realli helped me outt as i was considering getting up ion the middle of the night to let my puppy outide for the toilet!!! that qould of been a mistake ahahaha xxxxxxx

    • Eternal Evolution profile image

      Eternal Evolution 8 years ago from kentucky

      This is a good hub with great information.

    • profile image

      Jason 9 years ago

      Great article! I swear by crate training with my boxer pups, it is an often overlooked training method that works really well. Thanks If you get time take a look at my blog at