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How To Train A German Shepherd - Learn To Train Your German Shepherd Yourself

Updated on September 4, 2012

German Shepherd is not an old breed. It had been developed in Germany and was introduced to the world by Max Von Stephanitz in the year 1899. Max von Stephanitz, this man certainly deserves credit to develop this beautiful herding dog, but it should not be given only to Stephanitz as before developing this breed other breeders of Germany were also trying to develop better herding dogs and the ultimate effort of Von Stephanitz and those breeders evolved to day’s German Shepherd.

By instinct, as carrying herding blood line, German shepherd is independent, intelligent and aggressive. They are very much agile, strong, highly active dog. This breed has a natural inclination to have control over a situation, but it is not meant that all German shepherds are un controllable or aggressive. It should be realized that with proper training a German shepherd could be the best friend of a man- an obedient, loyal, loving, protective family member. It is supposed to be one of the best breeds that is very much fond of children.
Therefore, clearly the basis of German shepherd training is to make this breed socialize. Similar to any other dog training method, socialization is a lengthy process so don’t get to dishearten as with the course of time your effort definitely proves to be well worthy.

Before to start train your dog you should learn few words about the hierarchy system in “dog pack” and natural instinct that govern the activity of more or less all dog breeds. Every dog in a pack follows a hierarchy in their pack, where everybody obeys a dog called alpha dog. A dog in your family similarly looks for the hierarchy and the alpha dog, and if he don’t recognize one he wants to take the alpha position and from then he gradually become uncontrollable. So the first step of training is being the alpha dog to your German shepherd. Start dominating him rather being dominated. If you are really able to dominate him then he will be most happy and secured in the presence of you but before complete dominance, he will not miss any opportunity to disobey you. Don’t pamper but love your dog whatever may be the age of your dog. How to dominate? That you need to learn from an experience one or from some good book by a pro trainer, but it is not tough.

Consistency is the next key of your dog training success. A young German shepherd has short memory, and his attention span is quite short. So your initial training period will be short but should follow a schedule. Repeat same training everyday, consistently, with the command you want to teach your dog.

Initially, it is obligatory that your German shepherd will resist to follow your command, and it is the natural manifestation of the instinct of dominance of this breed. Some time in spite of knowing every command, he would be reluctant to follow. It is the time to be patience, never lose your temper. Be assertive but never go for physical punishment An afraid dog will not response further training and eventually with time physical punishment could make your dog timid and confidence less or worst it may ultimately make him aggressive. So patience is the third key of training success.

Prize and praise” is your ultimate weapon of training. When your dog follows your command give him a prize what he likes most or praise. Ever time giving food is not quite good for this health or habit. Initially always use the verbal command later you may use hand sign. German shepherd response superbly to distinct sounds. Your voice tonality, therefore, is a means to him to distinguish what is correct or wrong.

I should repeat that German shepherd is an extremely intelligent dog and therefore, a quick learner. Just follow your training consistency eventually your dog will develop a good social habit. Later in your training phase you will never be worry about unstable temperament and unexpected aggression. Just like the human being learning capacity of dogs differs so the time period of completion of training may differ, but you realize that the training a German shepherd is not a hard job to do if you follow some basic rules written above. As long as this excellent breed knows what you are looking from him, he is also just as eager to do what he learned to do in order to please you, his most beloved master.

Update:- An Amazing German Shepherd Handbook For All Level Of Owners

German Shepherd Handbook” - In couple of words it is just a comprehensive bible of selecting, caring, training, treating and understanding the German shepherd breed. It truly is the best outcome of the research challenge of the author “Michael Topscott” who spent months talking to professional trainers, breeders, vets, experienced owners, importers and compiled almost all knowledge and information in his book. He, himself, is a experienced German Shepherd dog owner but still did not leave any stone unturned to understand this breed.

This specific Handbook includes introduction and history of the breed then the way to select an ideal GSD puppy, easy methods to feed the puppy and adult, their training, health problems and more; in short, every advantages and disadvantages have been discussed in it. I highly recommend this book to new owners and those who have already got his first German Shepherd dog.

Watch a trained German Shepherd

German Shepherd Training manual Review

In “Training the German Shepherd Dog”, author John Cree explains in detail his lifetime’s experience that includes expert guidance, advices for all level of German Shepherd owners. In this book he has not left a single stone unturned about German Shepherd training. It covers all angles of dog training, detail discussion about this breed’s psychology makes this book unmatched as understanding breeds psychology make trainer perfect. In very short It is a complete, comprehensive and invaluable German Shepherd training book that should be read first by all enthusiast and trainer both novice and experience.

This book is available on Amazon and highly appreciated by dog trainers. It costs only $26.60 while in outside market it costs $35. You can save 24% if buy from Amazon.

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Schutzhund: Theory and Training Methods”- Schuzhund is a form of canine competition that began in nineteenth-century Europe as a test of a dog’s ability for human. Max Von Stephanitz refined and polished this test to include tracking, protection and obedience. In a very short it makes your German Shepherd an all rounder dog . This book is excellent in explanation it and its components, how to raise a dog for this special training. In this book, you will get very detail training techniques for each step of Schutzhund.

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Basic training with commands

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