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How to control a hyperactive dog

Updated on July 7, 2012

A hyperactive puppy can be a real handful - and make you want to return the little one to the pet store or breeder straightaway. An energetic puppy or dog, though,can be contained in a variety of ways.

I soon discovered after purchasing my West Highland Terrier puppy, Cloudy, that I had gotten more than I bargained for. She was scratching at the sides of the store even before I brought her home and seemed to gambol about more than any other dog. She bit things with abandon and had a penchant for toilet paper - reams of it. I came home everyday to a messy home, all thanks to Cloudy.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and I soon learned ways to control this active little fellow. One way was to check the energy that I was projecting. Dogs, just like humans, can get vibes - so the more negative your energy, the more negatively your dog behaves. When you lash out in anger, your dog feels it and will react by behaving even more actively. When you project an aura of calmness, that too affects your dog - and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it can settle down.

Playing games with your dog is also a great way for it to release its energy.Cloudy loves playing tug of war. So I usually use her favorite soft toy to start a game of t with her. This can keep her occupied for a good length of time and distract her from other preoccupations - like biting on my slippers, for instance.

Another way of stemming hyperactivity is to introduce your energetic little pooch to other dogs. I bring Cloudy for dog runs regularly and she absolutely enjoys getting to know other canine friends. She also enjoys playing with my other dog, Misty, and the company serves to occupy this bubbly, social little animal.

How about giving your hyperactive little dog something to do? It is a source for her to release that pent up energy. I trained Cloudy to bring letters to me (but she tore up quite a few at first, of course. ) She is quite adept at it now though and finds it fun to carry the mail around. I have additional help around the house too!

Going for a run with your frisky little dog is a great way for both you and he to exercise. It releases the boundless energy. When I go for a run with Cloudy,she often urges me to go faster - and I become more exhausted than her! She comes home, has a great nap afterwards, and is one happy little soul.

So try not to give up on your hyperactive little dog - it needs a home too. Give it a chance, find sources to release its energy, and it will soon become your best friend.


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