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I Hate Vegetables

Updated on January 21, 2015
VladimirCat profile image

Vladimir is a former champion ratter (retired). His hobbies are bushwalking, birdwatching and nature studies

How to Feed a Cat Properly

I'm not the only cat who hates vegetables.

What good are they to me? They look bad, they taste worse and I don't get a shred of nutrition from the rotten things.

I am a cat, a prime example of an obligate carnivore.

An obligate carnivore depends solely on the nutrients found in animal flesh for survival.

So don't try to mix vegetables into my food. I hate vegetables!

So how do you know what to feed me?

The woman who feeds me cooks most of my food but I'm aware that this is an exceptional case. She has nothing to do all day except cater to my every whim and I don't like to see her with nothing to do.

Cats are NOT vegetarians
Cats are NOT vegetarians

I like Fish

I prefer raw (unsmoked) salmon but the woman eats most of it herself. I get a few bits, sliced nicely, enough to fill up my bowl, at least once a week.

Sometimes I'm served fish in a can, but not a cat food can of fish, a real people can. Fish for cat food is highly salted! Too much salt for a cat.Tuna in spring water is always in the cupboard.for me. But my favourite is some bits of fish, fresh from the fish market.

Too much Kibble is not a good thing

Like everyone, I have to watch my weight

It's a sad fact of life that Tom Cats like me, who've had the little nick 'n 'tuck, get fat, and we get diabetes too.

Too much kibble with its. huge amounts of carbs and hardly any protein doesn't do much for my kidneys either. So don't go overboard in feeding me please.

Remember I need water. Plenty of water.

You have to be really careful about commercial pet food. You just can't trust how it's been prepared, much less what's actually in that can. (Who can forget the massive pet food recall a couple of years back? I certainly can't)

This is an easy read for people who don't have all the time in the world to study medicine, evolutionary biology and animal nutrition.

It tells you how cats are designed and why we need the food we need

Take a Tip from Simon's Cat

Don't allow your person to get lazy. especially at dinnertime.

I like Raw Meat

The woman feeds me raw meat 2 - 3 days a week. Not too much of it as Seniors, like myself, don't need as much protein as young kittehs.

I like my chicken thigh slightly poached, just warmed really, and then chopped up for me to handle. My teeth aren't the best these days either but I still need to chew.

I get the occasional lamb kidney as well.

Is Pet Food safe?

In all seriousness, is the canned cat food safe to eat? The big poisoned pet food scare hasn't gone away. Can you trust the food in cans?

I just don't LIKE vegetables

What does your person feed you?

This is anonymous. Tell the truth. What do you get fed?

See results

Big, small or in-between, all pawprints are welcome. Leave your comment too - and you don't have to be a cat or to leave yours

© 2011 Vladimir


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