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Updated on October 3, 2012

iPug, MyPug

Pug Party
Pug Party

Sloppy Seconds


All the pugs in the universe LOVE TO PAAAAR-TEEE! Of course we all know that Pugs are the cutest little rascals south of the Milky-Bone Way. Those little munchkin pooches, with smooshed in noses give them an out-of-this-world, alien look that could easily earn them a leading role on “Lost in Space” or even on “Star Wars” as Chewbacca’s sidekick. But those bulging pug eyes, like the puffy-eyed Peter Lorre, film star from the old, black & white days of the ‘30’s. Could certainly cast a pug part as Lorre’s little fury friend and play in one of the old time classics, the “Mysterious Mr. Moto”; 1939 or “Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation,” 1939. “Mr. Moto” would be a good pug name too, it ain’t just for Lorre! The new Pug movie star mystique, ever since a pug debut, in the film, “Men in Black,” really has caused a spike in puggy popularity and prices too! A great fascination in the world of Pug mania has begun that I refer to as the iPug. Pugs, yet of course, are the party ANIMALS of the canine, Carlin Mops’ breed universe, which seems to have caught on in the world of Pugdom land! Again, this phenomenon, the iPug, is unique to four-leggers. The iPug is where we can say to our pugs and those who have them too, “I LOVE PUGS!” Or similarly to a situational concept, another term that can be used called MyPug!

And to celebrate these canine concepts in continuation of our eternal love of pugs the PUG PARTY was born! Just plug them into some Purina® or IAMS®, then some thirst quenching aqua pura, and then they’ll be running all day. Playing, prancing, chasing, tumbling and wrestling, where seemingly, they never tire. BATTERIES NOT NECESSARY here, although their hyperactivity resembles a wind-up toy-like, five year-old kid on steroids combined with a sugar high. Pugs go non-stop and then- some! Then however, with out warning….. they just ZONK out! Out of gas, they’re running on fumes now as they collapse instantly, like a ton of tipped Tinker-Toys. Snoring into an immediate narcoleptic-like slumber, they ease into la-la land. But in a fuzzy cloud, a lucid dream begins. The sleepy pug envisions, super slow motion, the fade-in of that chewy-wet tennis ball that was so treasured and got away. Bouncing then rolling to a dead stop somewhere into a black hole, under the party room sofa and out of reach. In the basement of Joe’s bar, this sofa well worn, hid that ball forever. But a silver lining revealed a new surprise. That yellow, slathered slobbered ball, with warm saliva drool, drew the magical attention of the… long lost favorite until now, since mournful, the missing and long forgot about, rawhide chew stick. The one with the puppy tooth marks! “What a find!? “ the pug dreamt with a sigh-like bark and a whimpered unconscious squeal, as the pug dozzzzzzed-off and continued deeper into Pugland.

Now, interestingly enough, but back to reality, sorry puggies, WAKE UP puppies, yawn ‘n stretch time. I’ve got something to tell you, a story ‘bout the, so many terrific organized pug parties in the land called U.S. of Pugdonia. And yes, these fun Pug Parties are getting to be so popular, that at Joe’s Bar in Chicago, they drew a crowd of 500 pugs during the one, five hour party period. This was not counting their human folk!

But ask a pug, they’d tell ya, “These parties are a blast!” Like the pugs in the picture say, “Cool Party dude, Tasty Chow, Cold Drinks and Good Fun!” So check out some, there are at least 10 American areas, including Canada, where Pug Parties are held each year. In fact, at “Joe’s Bar in Chicago, a the place where they have Pug Parties a couple times a year. There usually is a big Pug crowd there at one time too, and we all having a good ol’ time. Lots of pugs in costumes too, pet-tricks and pug merchandise for sale as well. And during the five-hour doggie-hoopla-poopla extravaganza, the doggie mixer, is where the action is. I have witnessed it, my pug did too, although he’s passed away now, he used to get a little crazy there, lol! With all his “cousins” there, they were having the time of their life. But he/we still managed to have an awesome time too, even through the doggie crowd! Anyway, the two-legged chaperones can have fun here too, so come on out to one of the many parties throughout North America and see the iPug, the Pug fun in action. The Pug Party welcomes the friendly tail wag and the people too as the multitudes enjoy a great time. No iPods here, ya wouldn’t be able to hear them. Plug into a iPug instead!

Pug Party Themes

Pug Head-Tilt, trying to pick-up a radio frequency

Grooming for the big bash!

Fall Pug Party (Chicago) Saturday Oct 4th, 2008

Greetings Pug People!

We are very happy to return to Zella.

We had an excellent PugParty years ago. We would like to thank Zella for having us again.

No Costume Contest at the fall event.

Don't let that stop you from expressing yourself or your Pugs self.

Return to Zella!

...Ring Around The Rescue

The Pug Crawl Lives!

Over 400 Pugs expected.

Food /Beverage /Valet Parking

Kids $3 Adults $6. Pugs Free!

Parade around PAWS (2:30pm approx.)

Enjoy a casual afternoon of mingling with a great group of folks, and more Pugs than you will ever encounter in one place. We are planning a short parade around Zella and PAWS Rescue around 230pm. We plan to have several PAWS people/officials outside the Rescue with collection buckets. Optional... feel free to throw dollars in the buckets! This is a great opportunity for us to show off and raise a little money for PAWS. One of the largest and most excellent Pet Rescues in Chicago if not the country.

You do not need to bring a Pug to attend.

You are welcome be with us, and enjoy the weird.

Please forward this email to friends and family... if you feel like it.

Zella Bar

1983 N. Clybourn

Chicago, Illinois 60614

October 4th, 2008



No unauthorized selling of puppies or merchandise permitted. est 1994

for the purpose of gathering as many Pugs in one place as possible and then freaking out.

Ben & Curley Joe


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