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Diary of A Cat's Life

Updated on September 23, 2013

I Love My Cat

And Chaos is his name Oh!

Yep this is our cat Chaos! You might be thinking to yourself, but he looks so calm and serene. LOL, well sometimes he is, and other times he lives up to his name. So how did we come up with his name you ask! The first thing you will learn is that my man came home with him just in time to save him from a watery death.

He was at work one evening, and was asked if he could give a co worker a ride home. He did, and found a rather grown litter of kitties living on this persons porch. He said he was over the edge with the fact that this was the third litter in the last year or so, that the mama cat, a pet that was allowed in and out of the house, gave birth too. The worst part was, he had a hard time giving them away, and had threatened to rid himself of the kittens that were left in a cruel manner I will not discuss.

Well, obviously my guy laid eyes on this cute fluff of ginger, and fell in love. He put him in his pocket and carried him home, he was still that small! That was in October of 2001. He was named Chaos, but we soon found out how well that name fit.

In December that year, Steve was driving his bus down a main road here one morning on his way through the city, and blacked out enough to find he had smashed his bus into a concrete trash can in front of a famous area Hotel. As if that was not bad and scary enough, he was taken off to the hospital in an unconscious state, while kitty was in the bus with him. Kitty ended up in the pet pound, and Steve was in the hospital for 2 entire days.

Luckily he was found, a bit confused and scared, but that was the last time he rode in the bus, or any car. Needless to say, he is not as fond of the outdoors at all anymore.

So that is the beginning of Chaos!

Chaos The Predator

Or How To Catch A Skink

Yes, all is quiet and serene when Chaos sleeps, which he does seem to do more of as he ages.

Don't let that fool you, he has one eye open! Whenever we see him being a little too active by the open front door, we have to be on alert. You see, our front door, although it has a screened door, does have a tiny bit of a gap at the bottom, enough of a gap in fact, for many of the Blue Tailed Skinks, Scientific name: Scincidae, that love to live under our front porch, to crawl into to seek refuge from an extremely hot day.

Chaos has tortured a few that have entered the house, and a few we have been able to save from certain attack! Unfortunately one little guy, a young skink, didn't get rescued in time, before losing the end of his pretty blue tail. Thankfully I am told that these little creatures will grow their tails back, something common to them. Now we sometimes see a tailless skink run across the porch outside, (the tail actually is getting longer again yay!) but he seems to stay way clear of the door jam now! Wish they would all learn from his mistakes lol!!

Cat Stuff

Our cat has the 2 last products, and he just loves them.

You will too, because of all the entertainment and exercise you both get!!

Debate Module

Do you let your cat roam free outdoors,

or is your feline a totally domestic house cat.

Pick your side and tell us your reasons.

NOTE: After picking your debate side and leaving your comment, you can leave further comments about this issue just below the debate. I encourage any further conversation about this.

Is your cat an Indoor or outdoor cat?

Cat Resources

Great resources for cat graphics and more!

Do you love long hairs, short hairs, black, white, tabbys, or what!

Your favorite cat type?

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Cats Cats and more Cats

A collection of funny videos, and good information too!

This Comment Module is inspired by PaulaLeDuigou who left a comment in the debate module above. I realized the debate module has not got a reply feature, so it prompted me to add this conversation box underneath ;)

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