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Joey, Our Social German Wirehaired Pointer

Updated on October 15, 2014

Joey, the friendliest German Wirehaired Pointer

Joey is the friendliest German Wirehaired Pointer this side of the Mississippi River. He loves people and it doesn't matter what size or what age, he loves everyone.

By nature German Wirehaired Poiinters are aloof, friendly but aloof. They decide who will pet them and when. Joey, on the other hand, just thrives on attention. Whether it is your first visit to his house or you've been here a hundred times, he will greet you with the sloppiest, wettest kisses you have ever had. And, don't think you can sneak in without him knowing because that just is not going to happen. Don't believe me? Just ask one of the grandchildren.

Joey weighs in at about 80 pounds which is large for a German Wirehaired Pointer. But, Joey is lean and mean and will outlast anyone (human or animal) when it comes to hunting pheasant. Pheasant hunting is his passion.

Joey also loves the water and because of his webbed feet is a very powerful swimmer. He'll get in the water every chance he gets.

Say hi, to Joey the German Wirehaired Pointer. I just love this little guy!


Meet Joey

Joey was born March 27, 2008 into a very large litter. His pedigree name is Mistys Von Joey, and we call him Joey. His sire was Sir Von Haufan and his dam was Miss Margy's Misty. The name Joey fits him perfectly and I can't imagine any other name.

The wirehair along with great intelligence and a strong will (stubborn is another word for will) can also be very creative and they are always very independent. They like to obey commands for who they like and will often create their own rules. Wirehairs are high energy without being hyper. They love to run and need lots of exercise or they get bored. The need for a job is a must. That's our Joey and this is where hunting comes in.

Joey loves to hunt and he can literally do it all. His nose to the ground he finds the scent, points and then retrieves his prey. If you miss the bird he will give you a very disgusted look as if to say " I can't believe you missed the shot ", and then returns to his job. It is not uncommon for German Wirehaired Pointers to hunt ducks in the morning, quail and pheasant in the afternoon and then be in a blind in the evening waiting for a flight of geese.

Joey's Favorite Toy

Our Joey gets bored very easily so I need to keep lots of different toys around to keep him busy. After all you can't be outside running all the time so that when he is in the house we have several things for him to chew on. We do not give him raw hide or pig ears for fear of choking problems. We've bought all kinds of "soft" toys but he chews them to pieces. He likes the feel of material in his mouth but I just can't buy that type of toy. Believe me I have tried but he will have a soft toy destroyed within an hour of it being purchased. It's like throwing money away!

KONG Classic Dog Toy, Large, Red
KONG Classic Dog Toy, Large, Red

Stuff this with his favorite treat and yummy.


Some of My Favorite photo's of Joey

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Joey loves the snowJoey's close up with snow in his beardJoey taking it easyJoey loves being outsideRelaxing after a run in the hot sunAnother closeupOur little Joey
Joey loves the snow
Joey loves the snow
Joey's close up with snow in his beard
Joey's close up with snow in his beard
Joey taking it easy
Joey taking it easy
Joey loves being outside
Joey loves being outside
Relaxing after a run in the hot sun
Relaxing after a run in the hot sun
Another closeup
Another closeup
Our little Joey
Our little Joey

Lots of German Wirehaired pointers

Notice the eyes of the GWP, they are very expressive and almost talk to you.

Hunting Gear for your dog

We have the blaze orange vest for Joey. I use it when taking Joey for a case he gets too far out from me I can always see that blaze orange vest and I don't want him mistaken for a deer! He didn't like it at first but he now associates it with a walk so he gladly lets me put it on him.

This hub has been blessed

Joey visits the vet

I think I have mentioned how curious Joey is but if I haven't I need to tell you this little guy is into everything. I can't bring groceries into the house without him sticking his head in the bag to check out what I have. If i move a plant in the garden he notices right away and has to check and see what is going on. If the neighbors have a strange car in the driveway he will bark until I take him to investigate (he can't go out of his yard without me). Well, I think you get the idea, Joey is one nosey German Wirehaired Pointer.

His nose got him in trouble one sunny afternoon when he was poking his nose inside a very big Purple Mountain Grass that I had planted in my flower garden. Joey got a piece of that grass inside his second eyelid. He tried very hard to get it out by rubbing his paws across his eye and then I used visine to try and wash it out....but no success. We had to go to the vet!

The Vet looked at him and immediately knew what the problem was and they had to put him under anethestic to remove that awful piece of grass. That meant I had to leave my baby at the vet's and come back after his surgery to pick hiim up. He had never been left before and he sure wasn't happy.

All's well that ends well. The grass came out very easily once Joey was sedated and a few hours later he was happily back at home. A little drowsy but very happy to be back home.

This picture shows how "sore" his eye looked with that grass inside. Poor baby.

Doggy Tricks

Joey can do a sommersault. We don't know how he learned but he has been doing them since he was a puppy. He just puts his head down and rolls. Really funny to see.

Can Your Pet Do Tricks?

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    • ShariBerry profile imageAUTHOR

      Sharon Berry 

      6 years ago from Michigan

      @TransplantedSoul: Thank you, we think so. Yes, He loves to play in the snow and while pheasant hunting in the winter he will jump in freezing water to retrieve a bird.

    • TransplantedSoul profile image


      6 years ago

      Joey is a beauty. They do love the cold don't they?

    • Lynda Makara profile image

      Lynda Makara 

      6 years ago from California

      Joey looks like a happy dog! Angel blessings.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Very cute dog! My dog can "whisper." =D


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