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Kid Friendly Bird Feeders

Updated on September 30, 2014

Learn To Make A Kid Friendly Bird Feeder!

If you are looking for a new way to teach your child about nature and to use a fun project to help him or her learn, then try making kid friendly bird feeders! I know that my kids love to watch the birds eat from feeders that they've made themselves and it's a great way to teach them about different kinds of birds and what they eat.

There are so many interesting and beautiful birds to watch, and building a bird feeder will give your child a huge sense of accomplishment! I hope you enjoy these resources and enjoy making your very own bird feeder.

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The Bird Book & The Bird Feeder (Hand in Hand with Nature)

The Bird Book & The Bird Feeder (Hand in Hand with Nature)
The Bird Book & The Bird Feeder (Hand in Hand with Nature)

Perfect for any beginning bird watcher, here is an illustrated field guide to 30 common North American backyard bird species, nestled in its own plastic bird feeder. Featuring everything from Jays to Juncos to Song Sparrows to Chickadees, the book also explains how to set up the feeder, what kinds of food to serve when, and how to keep unwelcome guests away. It tells why hummingbirds hum and who wins the prize as the worst mother (the Cowbird, who lays its eggs in another birds nest!). Plus, learn all about migration, nesting, and the fun of keeping a bird journal.

The see-through plastic feeder comes with two suction cups, and can attach to the window, sit on the sill, or hang from a t


Books: Bird Feeders For Kids! - These are a great place to start!

Have Fun With Kid Friendly Bird Feeders!

Fantastic Kid Friendly Bird Feeders! - These are great options

Learn How To Make A Kids Pinecone Bird Feeder (Video)

Are You Planning To Buy A Bird Feeder For Your Son Or Daughter? - I love comments!

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