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Koi Fish Pond Pumps

Updated on March 22, 2016

Types of koi fish pond pumps

With koi loving a larger or deeper pond if you have it (at least 18 inches deep), the size and depth of your pond will determine the best possible pump to use in your situation.

For example, pond pumps are different, as there are submersible pumps which are used the most, flow pumps, standard pumps, fish pumps that are energy efficient, waterfall, low voltage fish pumps, manual pumps, among others.

But even though submersible fish pumps are the most commonly used, it's not necessarily the best for your pond, so you need to do a little research to discover the best one for your use.

One consideration with smaller koi fish ponds is they can probably be taken care of by biological filters, so a pump may not be necessary in that case. But because our definition of a small pond may differ, do check out what's the best pond pump in connection to the size you have, or if you even need one.

But with larger ponds, it's very difficult to keep the right balance for the optimum health of your koi, so in that case you will probably want to get yourself a pump and pond filters for the koi pond. 

Stunning lily koi pond photo

Larger pond fish pumps

Normally with a larger koi fish pond you'll want to use an external pump. The reason they are better than a submersible pump is they are far more powerful. Yet you can also do some research there, as submersibles in some cases are starting to catch up in power to the external fish pump.

You prefer to use a submersible if the power is enough, because they're much easier to hide than an external pond pump if you can get away with the power available.

Another option would be to buy two smaller pumps, they could do the job, but also you could have one running if you needed to clean out the one pump. For the most part you shouldn't leave a pump off for more than an hour at a time.

What if you're unsure or your ponds about medium size?

If you're not quite sure as to what size or power pump you need because your pond is in between large and small, you will want to buy a size that you can be sure will work. So when in doubt, buy one that you know will supply enough power.

If you buy a small one it won't do the job, and the water won't flow at levels needed to keep things healthy.

Various submersible koi fish pond pumps

Pond Pump Placement

Another thing a lot of people don't think of for their koi pond pumps is where they're going to put it. This is important because you're going to have to perform maintenance on it on a consistent basis, and you want it easily accessible in order to do that. 

Pond pump hoses

While it would be tempting to use existing hose you have to save money, if it's not the recommended size, you should buy the correct size in order for it to operate efficiently. Also keep the length of your hose as short as possible. The simpler the plumbing with the pump the better. 

Koi pond pump prices

You should expect to pay anywhere from $80 for a pump up to several hundred dollar, maybe even more for the pond pump you need.

Again, this is determined by the size of the pond, the pond pump system you'll use, and the budget you're operating with.

Most of this is not that difficult to do, and just a little planning and thinking before you get a pump will do a lot to alleviate headaches down the road, so you can enjoy the pond and your koi, not hate the experience of having them. 


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    • apkpumps profile image

      apkpumps 8 months ago

      Nice pond pumps.

    • BlogZoneUSA profile image

      BlogZoneUSA 6 years ago from Tennessee

      Great Page! I am fascinated by Koi Ponds!

    • profile image

      Krista 6 years ago

      Wow. I did not know Koi fishes could be pricey. Dad has LOTS of them in his waterfall-pond. It's made to look like a mini waterfall, like really wild and he used these fishes to 'design' it. I didn't know they're THAT precious. Lol

    • profile image

      Emily Gooden - Pond Pumps 7 years ago

      Great photo of the garden on top probably one of the best I've seen while I'm browsing through pages. Thanks for the information it was very helpful.