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How to Litter Train a Rabbit

Updated on August 30, 2019
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How to Litter Train a Rabbit
How to Litter Train a Rabbit

How to Litter Train a Rabbit

It is easy to litter train your rabbit. I have done it with excellent results and will tell you how in these easy steps.

1) First have your litter box ready before you purchase (or bring them indoors) your rabbit or rabbits. (Two is better than one as long as they are the same sex, unless you want many bunnies.) The litter box needs to have sides around it to keep the rabbit in the litter box. The sides can be made from wire or board or whatever you have that will keep them there temporarily.

Step 2

2) Place the litter box in the bathroom or some room that does not have a carpet. Put your rabbit or rabbits in the litter box for two days. Feed and water them there.

Rabbits have a habit of going to the bathroom in the same place. Keeping them in the litter box will teach them that the litter box is the place to go.

House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit

House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit, 4th Edition
House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit, 4th Edition
More great information on How to Litter Train a Rabbit and care for them in your home.

Step 3

3) After two days release your rabbits from the litter box but keep them confined to the room with the door shut. This will give them a bigger place to run around while making sure they are close to the litter box to use it easily. Also remove the food and water from the litter box and place it in a different corner of this room. Their food and water should be kept in this room near the litter box to give them incentive to come back often.

Also when the rabbit jumps out of the litter box the little round poops will tend to cling to their feet leaving them on the floor. This is why there should not be a carpet on the floor. The poops should be swept up often from the floor and a liter scoop should be used to keep the poops from building up in the litter box. They can be scooped up and flushed down the toilet.

Step 4

4) After at least two more days it should be safe to open the door and let your bunnies explore and run around the house. Our rabbits never had an accident and would wait their turn outside the bathroom door when we were using it.

The only trouble we had with our rabbit was them chewing on wood. The bottoms of the doors would have chew marks.

Here are some suggestions to keep them away from wood.

Have a saltlick available for them since it might be the salt in the wood that causes them to chew it.

Care of House Rabbits

Also provide them a nice piece of raw wood for them to chew on like part of a two by four or something similar placed in the room with their litter box. (More incentives to be in the litter box room)

Another way to discourage the rabbits from chewing your furniture would be to cover the table and piano legs with tin foil. Rabbits don't like the tin foil and should avoid it.

Before getting your bunnies be sure to bunny proof all your wood furniture and doors. Also keep electric cords out of their reach.

Indoor rabbits may also need their nails trimmed and coats brushed to keep them in good health and keep the fur from shedding.

It was so fun to have our potty trained bunnies running around the house. One was red/orange and the other gray. Our visitors were amazed and would want to know all about them.


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