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Living with Cats - Keep a Cat Happy and Healthy

Updated on November 12, 2014

All About Cats - A Page for Cat Lovers

Knowing how to keep your cat happy and healthy is vital for all cat lovers. Whether you buy cats or rehome them, you will know it isn't always plain sailing to keep your cat healthy and happy. If people have a problem with their cats, they may easily find help and advice, or they can just enjoy browsing through all the lenses here. Here you can also see links to cat themed gifts, gifts for cats - and some special cat poetry that I wrote myself.

All about cats is obviously all about cats, my love for cats, and the part cats play in my life. It is place where cat lovers can share their pages, and it is a resource for all those who are living with cats too! I want to keep my cats healthy and happy and so do you. All about cats is a first call for people with problems or cats with problem people. Plexo modules make it fun, because you can vote for the lenses you most enjoy and add your own too.

I know this lens will be fantastic, because cats make us do our best don't they? Please add your cat links to the plexos and I hope that between us all we will everyone purr!

Intro image is Study in Lilac, my own photo of Dolcie. Please do not copy!

Cats Deserve The Best

How you can make your cat happy

You want to do the best for your cats because they are family. Whereas our dogs tend to be our companions, cats work their way into the place in our hearts that some reserve for children. cats, domestic and feral, are intelligent hunters. Outside they may be fierce predators, but inside the home they revert to kittenhood and regard us as big mother cats! Whether it is their dependence on us - as is the case with vulnerable breeds like Persians - or their big innocent eyes - they will always be kittens indoors. Ragdoll cat breeders select for that kittenish behaviour and trust, producing a sweet natured cat that flops when cuddled.

Big innocent kitten eyes feature in this card. What could be sweeter than "All Things Warm and Fuzzy"? This card features a rough and tumble of blue Persians relaxing on a vivid dragon throw in warm glowing colours!


Jingle Cats Say A Vewy Meowy Christmouse - With Love From the Jingle Cats

An adorable rendition of Silent Night!

Gifts For Humans

...of the cat loving variety

We are crazy about our pets, and sometimes a cat themed gift is the best thing ever for birthdays or Christmas.

Music For Kittens At Christmas - My Christmas song....

Bounce around the Christmas Tree with Jingle Maria, or enjoy something a little more sedate, perhaps? I hope you enjoy it anyway.

The Jingle Cats Album - A Cat Lover's Delight!

Fed up with the so-called feline divas of the pop world? Why not sample some real Christmas Presence with these mewsical kittens! (But watch out for the wolf in fluffy clothing....)

Pussy's Potty Problem

You Know You Really Love Cats When....

.... your cats have potty issues and you do you best to solve them in a KIND way. This is the darker side of cat owning, and not many people can handle it. However, bear in mind we have imposed an unnatural way of life on our pets and "behaviour problems" are created and compounded by humans who do not understand the reasons for cat spraying, middening or urinating inappropriately. My three have different attitudes to this whole bodily fluid thing. One girl marks territory, the other girl confuses newspapers with cat litter (easily solved, put one in the box and never leave any on the floor!) but the boy is so well-behaved and fastidious he even goes to the litter box when he throws up! If you have a problem, please do not punish your cat, read this instead. Patience can and DOES work with these intelligent and sensitive creatures.

Indoor Cat Resources - Search for Cat Litter

Here you can search for cat litter, litterboxes, the best resources on animal behaviour - whatever you need. My cats prefer World's Best actually because it is wheat based and feels kind to paws, non toxic if they munch it and it clumps. Humans like it too, because you can scoop, drop the lumps in the potty and simply flush with no problems at all. The choice is yours....

World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula, 28-Pounds
World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula, 28-Pounds
World's Best corn based clumping cat litter, it is clean, lightweight and completely flushable.

I hope you will find this cat resource useful, a little like a cat hub for cat lenses.... I hope you will call back again! Thank you :)


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