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Lucky Bamboo Enhances A Betta Fish Hobby As Well As Being Addictive Itself

Updated on January 8, 2016

Make Lucky Bamboo A Great Addition To Your Home Decorating

Scientifically know as Dracaena sanderiana, the more commonly known Lucky Bamboo plant is of the species Dracaena. They are also known as Ribbon Dracaena, Belgian Evergreen or sometimes Ribbon Plant. Lucky Bamboo is the common term in the tropical and fresh water fish communities and they're a great centerpiece to a Betta Fish Aquarium.

A well thought out fish and Lucky Bamboo combination can become a valuable, and beautiful conversation piece for your home as well as bring family pet enjoyment.

Lucky Bamboo Creates A Realistic And Organic Living Environment For Betta Fish

Bettas just love swimming in and around the stems that are submerged just under the water of their Betta Fish bowl. Just the right Lucky Bamboo plant can create a visual masterpiece of elegant glass, tropical plants, and live fish that will make any area of the room they're placed even more visually appealing.

It sometimes seems that Bettas are more at peace when they have comfortable, organic surroundings to immerse themselves in. The nooks and crannies that lucky bamboo creates also add to the ambiance of the fish environment.

Start Your Betta Fish Bowl With A Pre-arranged bouquet of Lucky Bamboo Stalks

A great way to get started with Lucky Bamboo in your fish bowl, is to purchase a ready to go arrangement of stalks, assembled and bound, ready for the tank. Most times these arrangements are bound to shape by decorative wraps, adding to the overall flair of the boquet.

This will be the centerpiece of your Lucky Bamboo Beta fish habitat, it's best to stay with trusted marine plant life supplier.

Brussel's Live Lucky Pyramid Bamboo - 1 Layer - 3 Years Old; 14" to 16" Tall with Decorative Container
Brussel's Live Lucky Pyramid Bamboo - 1 Layer - 3 Years Old; 14" to 16" Tall with Decorative Container
A great candidate for a rectangular Betta Fish Aquarium, this single, one layer set of bamboo has been placed quite well in a line, submerged in a traditional fish aquarium.

Get Some Lucky Bamboo In Larger Quantities More Wholesale

Many online retailers will sell you larger quantities of Lucky Bamboo, in case you were wanting to scale your Betta Fish and Bamboo hobby up a notch. The thing to watch for is if the supplier is able to provide a Phyto Certificate for the plants they're selling. Most reputable tropical plant suppliers will have this documentation ready.

Bulk suppliers of live tropical plant life often have many other supplies and enhancements for your Beta Fish and Lucky Bamboo hobby, and at times, better prices for fish supplies can be negotiated.

Betta Fish in his Betta Fish Bowl
Betta Fish in his Betta Fish Bowl

Lucky Bamboo Just Might Be Your Next Hobby Sensation

Not only Lucky Bamboo plants a great addition to Betta Fish Tanks, they can become their own addictive hobby all in themselves.

Pick good plants from a trusted supplier and your Lucky Bamboo expeience will be a positive one for you and your Betta Fish. These great little fish habitats actually will add value to your home, as well as a lot of fun too.

How to Propagate Lucky Bamboo

The composer, in this video, shows you some of the more recognized methods of propagating lucky bamboo plants for inhabitation with your Betta Fish.


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