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Lucky Dog, true friend

Updated on March 17, 2016

Meet Lucky!

Lucky was Bob's constant companion.

He was single for a long time and the only always-there-friend was his little dog, Lucky.

She waited for him in his flat until he returned from work every day.

She told him if a burglar came near.

When the phone rang, she barked to alert him.

A faithful friend for almost nine years.

Lucky came to Bob

from a friend

She was the runt of the litter.

The tiniest miniature fox terrier of the bunch.

Bob chose her because she was sitting in the corner, away from all the other dogs, and he's always a sucker for the 'under-dog'.

She was so small, she rode in the console of his Volvo, or in his top pocket.

Bob lost another little foxie

Her name was Zena

When Zena was run over by a car, people talked Bob into getting another dog.

He resisted until he saw Lucky.

He called her Lucky because she was lucky to be his pup, since he was never going to have another one after he lost Zena.

Bob and Lucky went for daily walks

to the park, or around the lake

Lucky was such a small dog that people would say: "What a cute Puppy!", and Bob would say: "She's not a puppy, she's full grown."

She would trot along beside him, her little legs churning away as he strode out, but it didn't worry her. She would go beserk whenever she heard the lead get picked off the hook in the hall.

Walk time!

Lucky was so big!

She weighed:

3.6kg when full grown!

If she stood on her hind legs - she nearly reached the arm of the camp chair

Lucky standing tall
Lucky standing tall

Lucky loved to see Angela - and she loved to get inside her jacket when it was cold

Lucky and Angela
Lucky and Angela

Lucky was in charge of our house

because Bob spoiled her until I came along

She sulked if we roused on her, and sat with her back to us, peeping out of the corner of her eye (pretending not to see us) refusing to look at us.

She ran round and round in circles when she was excited.

She barked at everyone who visited and pretended that she was a Great Dane.

Riding in the car was a favourite thing she sat up at the back window like a 'noddy' dog

Lucky and Ariell
Lucky and Ariell

A funny story

about Lucky

We went for a short holiday and we put Lucky into a kennel for a few days.

On our return, the kennel owner told us that he was helping an owner to collect their two dogs from his kennel. He looked out at their car and remarked: "Why didn't you leave the other dog with us?"

The dogs' owner said: "We only have two dogs!"

In the back of their white car (our car was white) was a little mini foxie, sitting at the back window.

Lucky had climbed a six foot wire gate, and somehow got through the little hole you put your hand in so you can open a gate like that.

She escaped and got into the white car she thought was ours.

Ready to go home!

Bob and lucky at Tenambit 2008
Bob and lucky at Tenambit 2008

Lucky died in August 2009

She was mauled to death

We were away in Newcastle for about two hours. While we were in town, I became quite distressed, and thought I was going to be sick.

It turns out that at that time, Lucky was in bad trouble.

The two dogs (a Staffie and a Doberman) from over our back fence had broken down one of the metal panels and attacked her, mauling her to death.

Bob found her dead when she didn't come running to the side gate to greet us when we returned home.

She was so brave, and not afraid of any big dog, ever, that she probably fought them.


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