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Luxury Cat Furniture For The Pampered Pussy Cat

Updated on August 30, 2011

Cat Furniture

I have a cat, she's an absolute doll to look at, though sometimes her behaviour can be more akin to that of Chucky. Still, I adore her and to say she is spoilt is an understatment. She is the boss of the apartment and us humans know firmly where we stand when it comes to the hierarchy of the residence.You only have to look around to see that she owns more furniture than we do!

I may have painted an unfair picture of the little fluffy one, she can be the most loving of cats when resting her head beside mine on a pillow as we both sleep. Then comes the naughty side when she claws the carpet or furniture, or meows and meows until until given some attention. She's high maintenance, a regal Persian who has to be adored 24/7, partially my fault, majorly my other halves fault!

Cat furniture is a must, especially for a house cat such as ours. There's loads of variety these days, from traditional cat furniture to modern. Something to keep even the fussiest of pussy cats entertained and well cared for.

Cat Furniture - Scratching Towers

I never know the correct term for this type of cat furniture, in our household we refer to it as the scratchy post, even though it isn't a post, but a tiered cat tree I suppose.

Without this piece of cat furniture in our home, there would be no carpet left. When the little fluffy one decides that it's scratchy time for the carpet, she can rip it to shreds in a matter of seconds. Thankfully the tiered item of cat furniture does get used and so the carpet remains. Though these days, if she uses it of her own accord and not because she's been put on there after clawing somewhere else, she gets a round of applause and whoops. It seems to be working, but I wonder what the hell the neighbours must think?! It's amusing to watch her climb up the rope covered pole that holds all the tiers together, she looks like a chipmunk, or something along those lines!

These tiered items of cat furniture are great for filing the claws down naturally, they also make great play areas and also a great place to have a snooze, high up above everyone else in the natural state of cat hierarchy. We often note that we are being observed whilst on the sofa watching tv, the little fluffy one being at the higher and therefore more authoritative level than us.

Cat Furniture - Beds

The little fluffy one sleeps where she likes but her four most favourite places are, the bottom of our bed, the arm of the sofa (which gets a claw attack from time to time), her travel basket complete with pink satin pillow (I told you she was spoilt) and her actual bed.

Her bed gets a surprisingly lot of sleep time. She wasn't sure of it at first but now I'd say that is the place where she spends most of her time sleeping.

Cat beds are good because they give cats the choice of having their own space to sleep. Plus, they always look super cosy and inviting. Human beds just don't compare!

Cat Furniture - Litter Boxes

If you have a house cat like I do, there is the small matter of litter. I absolutely in no way could cope with an open litter box where you can see poop, it's vile. I've been to people's houses and in full view of everyone there have been open litter trays with poop in them. You can't blame a cat for needing to go to the toilet, but you can blame the person for their choice of open litter box.

We've always had an enclosed litter tray that doesn't look like it's a cat toilet and it's so much nicer.

If you choose to go for an old fashioned look, a contemporary look or a futuristic look, there's a cat litter box that would suit any home. It's way better than having poop on display!

Cat Furniture - If You Have The Space!

Possibly the ultimate in cat furniture, the Cat Castle. Look out towers, condos, hammocks and carpeted beams. A truly indulgent piece of cat furniture for anyone with lots of space!


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