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Miniature Horses

Updated on May 5, 2013

What Is A Miniature Horse?

A Miniature Horse is one of the smallest horses even though they are the size of really small ponies. A miniature horse usually has a height less than 3 feet, making it the equivalence of a decent sized dog. The Miniature Horse has various colors and coat patterns. Miniature Horses interact well with people similar to dogs, and they can live 25 to 35 years. For this reason, Miniature Horses are kept as pets, but their instincts are still in play, so a Miniature Horse will have a natural fight or flight instinct. Whoever owns a Miniature Horse must remember that they own a Miniature Horse instead of an animal that doesn't use these instincts such as a dog. If you want to see a Miniature Horse, then you're in luck because they are popular in many countries and nations such as the United States and Europe.

Horse or Pony?

The Miniature Horse is classified as a horse, but its actual size would beg to differ. The Miniature Horse is less than 3 feet tall, giving it the size of a very small pony at best. Any horse under 142.5 centimeters is considered a pony, and the Miniature Horse doesn't even reach 100 centimeters. However, the Miniature Horse has been classified as a horse despite its size.

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5 Fascinating Facts About The Miniature Horse

  • The Miniature Horse is the size of a very small pony at best, but it is still classified as a horse.
  • The Miniature Horse has a variety of colors and coats.
  • Miniature Horses are used as assistance animals.
  • One Miniature Horse was bred to only weigh 6 pounds.
  • Miniature Horses Were Developed From Many Sources.

Miniature Horse Lifespan

If you are looking for a horse that can live for a long time, Miniature Horses are the horse for you. A typical Miniature Horse lives 25-35 years. Horse years to human years looks similar to this.

Human Years / Horse Years

1 / 6

2 / 13

3 / 18

4 / 20

5 / 24

7 / 28

10/ 35

17 / 53

24 / 70

30 / 85

36 / 100

"Nay" Off Now! - How Do You Like Miniature Horses?

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