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About Miniature Pinschers

Updated on November 8, 2014
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Hope Saidel is co-owner of Golly Gear, a bricks-and-mortar and online shop featuring fun, affordable and practical small dog products

Spike the Miniature Pinscher
Spike the Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers - King of the Toys

A mighty dog in a tiny package, Miniature Pinschers are known as the King of the Toys for good reason. Miniature Pinschers were developed in Germany and despite their resemblance to Doberman Pinschers, they are not "bred down," but are a distinct breed in themselves. While there are artistic representations showing a dog like the MinPin that are hundreds of years old, documentation of the breed's history only seems to date back to the 1800s. The breed is popular in both Germany and Scandinavia.

According to the Miniature Pinscher Club of America, "You will find the Min Pin to be fearless, animated, intensely curious and always full of vim and vigor. Breeders have been quoted as saying "It's like living with a roomful of toddlers who never grow up."

Known affectionately as "Min Pins," these dogs are curious, intelligent and lively.

Not for everyone - but perhaps for you?

Miniature Pinschers are strong presences - despite their diminutive size. They are lively, intelligent, alert, athletic, and protective small dogs.

Like all toy and small-size dogs, Miniature Pinschers should be socialized with all kinds of people from an early age. Sudden, abrupt movements can be both startling and frightening for small dogs, especially if they are unaccustomed to children. To prevent dogs from becoming reactive and behaving inappropriately, they should be familiarized with all kinds of situations, locations, noises, surfaces, etc. from an early age.

Many small dogs adapt to just about any lifestyle, and the Min Pin is no different. They can be wonderful apartment dogs (although they do require regular exercise to maintain both physical and mental health), are perfect for suburban living, and have the stamina to be country pups as well. Unlike many toy breeds, Min Pins may even be great jogging/running companions, with the athleticism to keep up with the most active humans.

Perfect for performance people

Miniature Pinschers can excel in all the canine performance sports, including obedience, rally, and agility. Their quick minds quickly absorb training and they love learning new behaviors. Of course, like all dogs, their willingness to perform on command depends on the dog's perception of "what's in it for me?" Training a Miniature Pinscher can be challenging, but well worth the effort as the teamwork between owner and dog grows and develops.

Miniature Pinschers have a reputation of being feisty little dogs, but they can prove "soft" and the level of correction trainers administer should be tailored to the dog's personality. Generally speaking, independent dogs respond well to "positive reinforcement" training - giving them the tools to learn and rewarding "good" behaviors, ignoring unwanted ones.

With the sleek physique of an athlete and intelligence to boot, Miniature Pinschers can be a wonderful companion in many situations - especially for people looking for a pint-sized dynamo with whom to share their lives.

© 2009 Hope

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