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A Tribute To Monty, The Rescue Schnauzer With A Split Personality!

Updated on November 10, 2014
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SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

"Monty Rat"

Monty enjoyed his 12th birthday in February 2012. He is a tiny 9 lb. boy, one of those very expensive "toy" schnauzers. (Toy schnauzers are not recognized as a size category by the AKC but they are now widely available). It was rumored he cost around $1,000. His owners were having trouble with Monty biting visitors to their home, and they had just had a new baby. SO... Monty came to me.

The first night he was there, I ended up in the emergency room! Stupid me... Monty did not want to come out of his kennel, and he had not eaten nor drank any water for many hours. I couldn't take it anymore! Thinking I'd never met a dog I couldn't win over, and unable to coax him out, I decided to simply take the kennel apart around him, lift off the lid, and... get bitten right on the front of the throat when he came at me suddenly as I tried to pick him up! Funny thing about rescuing dogs - you sure do learn a lot of hard lessons. Monty, as I would later learn, is one of those dogs who wants the protection of a kennel, his "den," when he is nervous or afraid. My mistake.

I was in a real quandary. I simply could never place this dog for adoption, no matter what - the potential for injury to someone was too great. So I agonized for days over what to do. Monty would have nothing to do with me. I didn't dare pick him up and love him. On the fifth day, Monty made up my mind for me. I was walking him on a leash outdoors, trying to just ignore him and "be." I sat down on a bench for a moment, and the next thing I knew, Monty jumped up and stood against my leg, signaling he wanted to be picked up. I took a deep breath, and firmly but gently picked him up and sat him on my lap. He snuggled up against me, and that was that. Monty had fallen in love.

From that moment on, I could do anything with Monty - pick him up, give him a bath, whatever - he had totally surrendered. The one thing he still resists is being groomed - you can tell he is trying SO hard not to snap-bite. When he does give in to a nap, it's in slow motion and you have time to dodge him. It's more like a warning, "I've had about all I can stand!" Eventually I could even put him on his back on my lap baby-style and he would lie there for long stretches of time, enjoying getting his tummy scratched and his head petted.

He had one favorite toy, Big Bone, which is still his favorite toy seven years later! It is about a foot long, practically weighing more than he does, and covered (formerly) in yellow tennis ball material. Every night, around 8 or 9, he would bring BIg Bone to me and start "talking." He wanted me to throw Big Bone for him several times, and he would retrieve it. We'd play Big Bone several times, and then he would have to put Big Bone to bed. He would walk around the living room, and you could just see his mind working - where, oh where, to put Big Bone. He'd put him in a different place just about every night. He particularly liked the step on the fireplace hearth as a hiding place. He would talk the whole time he was in the searching phase, and once he had Big Bone hidden to his satisfaction, that was it, he was done, and off he'd go to bed. It was hilarious to watch! As time went by, he started playing Big Bone with other family members too.

Monty never has conquered his need to bite visitors to the home. We have simply contained him, every single time a visitor came, in order to allow him to live his otherwise perfect life. Was it a pain? You betcha. Was it worth it? Ask Monty; I'm sure he would say yes, and I know I would too. I simply adore the little guy! He simply has a split personality, and that's that.

I somehow started calling him "Monty Rat" early on, and it stuck all these years. It's not meant in a derogatory way - I think rats can be cute under the right circumstances! But my Monty Rat he is, and he will live out his life with me.

September 4, 2012

Monty "Rat" Schnauzer came into my rescue when he was 5 years old because he had biting issues. With family, he was a doll baby and was much adored. At age 12, Monty collapsed of a sudden illness and the prognosis was very bad. I made the difficult decision to relieve him of his suffering just awhile ago. May the angels carry him safely to Rainbow Bridge. I hope and pray there is a kind rescuer waiting there with his friends Koby, Harry, Sparky, Sheina Marie, and others to greet him.

In Memory Of Monty

In Memory Of Monty
In Memory Of Monty

Schnauzie Crossing The Bridge

Monty Checks Out His New Bed! - With his friend Bailey

Monty & His Schnauzer Friends On YouTube

Well, It Isn't "Big Bone..." - But It's Close!

Monty With His Buddy John - They adore each other!

This is Monty being all "Zen" with John. He will only allow two people to put him on his back like this, John and me. Actually he will let either of us put him in virtually any position and he will trust us totally. This is the side of Monty visitors never see because he's always being hypervigilant when they're around.

Monty and the Varmint

For four years, we lived on a farm in southeast Missouri. We had a black plastic drain pipe that stretched across top of the ground in the fenced back yard. One day, we saw Monty at one end of the drain pipe, barking furiously with his nose stuck into it. SueSue was at the other end, doing the same! Apparently, they had some little varmint trapped in the drain pipe and figured out they needed to guard each end! It was the closest thing I ever saw to the earth-dog trials!

Monty's Personality Disorder...

"Was it a pain? You betcha. Was it worth it? Ask Monty; I'm sure he would say yes, and I know I would too. I simply adore the little guy! He simply has a split personality, and that's that."

Question For You... - Here's something to think about!

If you had a rescue dog who had a personality disorder, would you...

Monty Puts Big Bone To Bed!

Monty Loves His Sweater! - Helps To Have A Mom Who Makes Them!

Photos of Monty "Rat"

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Thank You

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