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My Maltese Dog

Updated on August 31, 2016
Photos of Countessa Noela aka Pippa  by Delia Pacheco ©
Photos of Countessa Noela aka Pippa by Delia Pacheco ©

A White Fluff of Fur ~

Noela (shown here) came into our lives in 1984, a gift to my husband. We had just moved to Missouri from California, taking four of our horses and giving away the cats at the barn, we also had a little Poodle named Pippa, but sadly she died before our move. We had wanted so much for her to experience the Ranch in Missouri...after losing Pippa we thought we'd never get another dog, at least not soon.

Note ~ Sadly I have seen this page stolen to be used on various sites not related to this subject.

Scraper Protection: If you see this page anywhere else on the Internet besides here..PLEASE contact me...Thank You ~ Delia Pacheco

Christmas Shopping at the Mall

is where we saw this tiny White Fluff

This story now starts out with our new dog in Missouri.

We had settled in at the new house and soon after built a Barn for the horses. We missed having a cat and dog...

Then Christmas of 1984 came, we went to a Mall in Kansas City to shop for the Holiday. While at the Mall the girls and I went into a Pet Shop and just looked around, and there she was, staring at us...a white fluff of fur, with a button nose and black eyes, she was a Maltese puppy, just a ball of white fur. We asked to see her...and they placed her into our arms.

There never was a thought about buying a puppy or any kind of animal for that matter, but I have to say, we fell in love with this little angel. The kids went and looked for their dad to show him the puppy. I asked my husband if he would like her for a Christmas gift. He looked at our daughters and they said, yes daddy, yes, please! And there we where, walking out with an expensive purebred Maltese puppy.

It took us forever to get out of the Mall because everyone walked up to us asking to look at her, you actually could not tell her front from the back.

Countessa Noela

Her registration

We registered her with the name Countessa Noela, affectionately called her Bubela. A bouncy happy, cute puppy, as you can see in the photos above. She enjoyed playing on the red-yellow carpet from the former house owners who where loyal to the Kansas City Chiefs team...yep, the carpet was removed ;-)

About a week later she got sick, we called the Pet store and they told us to take her to their Store Veterinarian, which we did. She had a very bad case of puppy mill sickness.

The Vet called us and said he would take her home with him to treat her...interestingly enough we found out later she was a puppy mill bred dog, that she had been sick at the store and that this very Vet had taken her home before to treat her.

After a week she came home to us feeling better.

Maltese. The Complete Owners manual to Maltese dogs. Complete manual for care, costs, feeding, grooming, health and training your Maltese dog.
Maltese. The Complete Owners manual to Maltese dogs. Complete manual for care, costs, feeding, grooming, health and training your Maltese dog.

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Playing with Kitty Oreo - 1984

playing with the kitten
playing with the kitten

Our oldest daughter found a black and white kitten at the barn in a nail box in 1984. She brought her home and named her Oreo.

Noela got along with the new kitty, they played together and enjoyed each others company.

As Noela grew bigger I would take her down to the barn while feeding the horses. Her white fur would be covered with shavings making her look funny and unhappy, that is until I brushed her out...and what a job that was. I really was rethinking about bringing her down to the barn, at least inside where all the shavings was.

She loved running in circles on our property of 2.5 acres of grass, her hair blowing in the breeze, it was a hoot to see this...a real joy.

(unfortunately almost a year later Oreo was hit by a car and died, this just after we brought her home from being fixed)

How can you Not love that Face?


She was such a cute dog, so good and so smart, always followed us around. Having many different looks with her haircuts, my favorite being "the puppy cut"

She always knew exactly when her master was coming home from work, sitting on the top of the stairs patiently waiting for him. We taught her not to come into the kitchen while we ate, she always laid right at the edge of the carpet watching us, and when she didn't hear the fork on a plate anymore, she'd try to sneak in.

Another move - 1988

Last day in Missouri
Last day in Missouri

By 1988 we learned that the plant my husband was working at was closing, we were devastated. All our work to make this place the way we wanted... and again we had another job transfer, only 5 years in on to Wisconsin.

It was hard on all of us, even the daughters and the animals, hubby was already living in Wisconsin and I had the responsibility of selling the Ranch, downsizing horses, household items and all that went with moving. Both our girls did not want to move again, one was just going to graduate the other was already out of school...I actually didn't blame them.

I found a Horse transport company that was willing to take the horses, me and the dog..I was so happy Noela didn't have to be shipped on a plane. I got to be with the horses and the dog for the whole trip, that really pleased me.

Since we didn't buy another Ranch, I had to find a private boarding facility for the horses, which fortunately was near our new house. Arriving late at night we took the horses to their barn, then went to the new house...I was happy to see that Noela seemed to adjust immediately at the new place.

long hair :-(
long hair :-(

Long hair did not make her happy

even for a Maltese

One thing Noela didn't like was her hair getting long and into her eyes...she was always the happiest while clean shaven with a puppy cut, and I thought she looked the best in that cut as made her look young.

She actually didn't like going to the groomer for a hair cut...I believe she got nicked several times causing her pain...when she came home she'd run circles around the house with happiness, rubbing on a carpet trying to get the ribbons out of her hair...she always smelled sweet, fresh and clean.

Christmas 1984 ~ Christmas 1998

Thank You for having been in our lives

Around 1998 she started to have problems with her balance. I took her to the Vet several times and they tested her, not finding anything wrong. It got worse over the months and she started to have seizures. I took her back for more testing, they said for her to stay at the Clinic till they found out what was wrong.

It was almost Xmas time and we were going to Kansas for the Holiday. We left her with the Vet and she assured us she'd take good care of her. When I called the clinic to see how she was doing, the Vet said, unfortunately Noela had another seizure and advised us it would be best to put her down...she came into our lives Christmas 1984 and went to doggie heaven Christmas Eve 1998.

How Blessed we where to have had her in our lives, she truly enriched us with her presence.

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Big or Small?

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different small breeds of dogs

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Where to get one...rescue facilities, specific breed rescues, or at a local facility.

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Below are just a few small breeds to pick from.

My Maltese Painting Muse Noela

Click thumbnail to view full-size

created April 9, 2013

by Delia Pacheco

All Photographs and story text is protected

copyright and all rights reserved

Delia and Noela
Delia and Noela

This was an enjoyable story to write, bringing back good memories of our time together with Noela.

Note ~ Scraper Protection: If you see this lens anywhere else on the Internet besides here...PLEASE contact me...Thank You ~ Delia Pacheco

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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      3 years ago from England

      Hi Delia, what a lovely story, and the photos were beautiful. I love the photos at the bottom of you and your sweet dog over the years. Its so hard when we lose them, but she definitely made all your family so happy, thanks for sharing your story, nell

    • delia-delia profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thank You Lorraine, for your kind comment...all our pets/animals have been a Blessing in our lives.

    • lisln profile image


      3 years ago from Denver Colorado

      What an awesome story and amazing people you are. So much love you gave to that little beautiful creature God created.She kind of reminds me of my Roxy. You gave her a full happy life not all animals get that much love.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Wonderful story, so touching. So glad Noela ended up with you and your family. Beautiful pictures as well.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Love learning of your furry family over the years. Their sweet souls impact us so very much. Thank you for sharing, sweet friend Delia.

    • MariaMontgomery profile image


      4 years ago from Central Florida, USA

      This is a great dog lovers' lens. I especially love that picture of your dog in the 1985 photo gallery -- the one with her chin resting on the arm of a chair. My little Maltese, C.C., does that, too. In fact, in that photo, your dog looks just like C.C. I wrote about her in my lens entitled, Living With and Caring for a Maltese Dog. I think you might enjoy it.

    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      It is a cute dog, small but adorable! Thanks for sharing this beautiful lens :)

    • Cynthia Haltom profile image

      Cynthia Haltom 

      5 years ago from Diamondhead

      Sweet little dog and such beautiful photos, I like the progression from the photos near the end of the lens how clever to use it in your lens. Thanks for sharing this personal story, I enjoyed your writing.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What a sweet and sensitive story...thank you for sharing...and I love the photo's, you and the dogs. :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I swear she's purposely posing for the camera - what a cutie!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      The long hair picture is priceless! How can you not be a dog person after that photo! Great lens!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @Lensmaster...Good of you to share your stories of your cutie-pie pals! It's so hard to lose them, but later, such a joy when you are ready to adopt again! It always took me a couple years in between adoptions. Best wishes with all your animals in the future!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Your personal photos add so much to this article. I think the Maltese is an excellent breed and they do seem to bond to their families.

    • delia-delia profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @kathysart: There are breed rescues including Maltese rescues, maybe you can find one... there was a Maltese to adopt at our pounds last week....yes they are sweet and loyal...I hope you find one or a mixed one.

    • kathysart profile image


      5 years ago

      I WANT a Maltese now!! I was debating but now after seeing your sweet lens I do again. I might go to the shelter though... and not get a Maltese.. hard cause I want to save a life too. I have heard that Maltese are very sweet.. oh what to do!! :)

    • Sweetbunny LM profile image

      Sweetbunny LM 

      5 years ago

      Lots of love in that little bundle, we too had a few moves like yours, Rockwall, TX to Westerville, OH in 83, to Raleigh, NC. In 85. Wish we had moved back to be closer to family early on, but now we are all spread out. Enjoyed your story. Dee

    • Ramkitten2000 profile image

      Deb Kingsbury 

      5 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

      Aw, what a cutie. (Oreo too.) I have a lens about my little Sassy girl, who passed away at almost 15. It's been about six months, and now I can go look at the photos and smile, remember all the good times. Thanks for introducing us to little Noela.


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