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My Buddy, My Dog Jackson Blue

Updated on October 26, 2021
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Linda Hahn is an excellent writer and a passable researcher! She has a blog, too!

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Meet My Dog, Jackson Blue!

Shoebox puppy he was at first, just a sleepy little love. Then, when he recovered from the teen-aged girls he'd been hanging with, my dog Jackson was my little puppycat. Sweet, but all mouthy biting loving. Four and a half years later, Jackson Blue still expresses love by pretending to bite my hand.

Then we hit the Tasmanian Devil stage hard. For a while, I thought my little puppycat was delivered straight from hell!

Now he is a good dog, a wonderful dog, a little character!

Ok then.

Jackson And His Best Buddy, Pepe'

Jackson and Pepe
Jackson and Pepe | Source

This is my dog playing with his best buddy, Pepe'. It is definitely a love match.


More Information On Queensland Heelers

Jackson is a Queensland Heeler - Australian Shepherd, dingo, and dalmatian.

Jackson loves to run and chases jackrabbits whenever possible. He herds kitties when they will allow it. He is a passive little guy, but loves to play with his dog buddies.

Are not all dogs descended from wolves?


Dog Skin Problems

My Allergic Boy, Jackson Blue

My sweet little puppycat turned out to be allergic to flea bites. This ultimately caused a secondary skin infection and lowered his immune system's ability to function. Everthing was making the dog miserable; and each problem had to be fixed.

The fleas had to go, antibiotics treated the infection, and healthy dog food helped him recover.

I've tried it all - Frontline, flea bath, oil in his diet, expensive dog food. My boy is allergic to flea bites says the vet.

I have focused lately on getting his skin healthier. I mix an egg with his dry food, half cooked from the microwave, otherwise it is too gross. Also am brewing my own cedar-cide by boiling cedar chips in water for about an hour. It agrees with his skin and adds a bit of oily sheen. Much better than his usual dry skin. The fleas will avoid the jumping off when they make contact. I don't know if it kills them or not.

I have been cooking for Jackson a couple of months and adding Brewer's Yeast. The flea problem is still not solved, but Jackson is healthier, bright eyed and playful.

Jackson Blue

Jackson Blue
Jackson Blue | Source

What Jackson Blue Ate

Baaaaaaaad Dog!

1. speakers for computer

2. cellphone

3. lemon bars

4. remote

5. glasses, both prescription and reading

6. pens

7. 2 baked potatoes, hot off the stove

8. 2 beautiful pork chops, including bones (this was very hard on the master of the house)

9. silver ring with blue stone

MilkBone - Dog Cookies


© 2011 Linda Hahn


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