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National Puppy Day

Updated on August 18, 2014

I Want to Go Home.

Celebrate National Puppy Day with dogs like Collie. She was chosen as an International mascot and she needed a home. Just like thousands of other puppies, Collie was waiting to be loved by that special family.March 23rd is the annual date that we celebrate the joy of what a puppy brings into our lives. It's a day where we take stock of the issue of orphaned animals around the world.

For those who are looking into pet adoption, you will find helpful suggestions, videos, websites, products and information on practically any subject or question you may have about pets and their care.

As we celebrate National Puppy Day I hope you will consider adopting a puppy or adult dog at a local shelter. Will you consider opening up your heart and home for a puppy in need of love?

On this awareness day concerning puppies let me encourage you Not to buy, but adopt a pup or adult dog from a local shelter. Give a pet a forever home.

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Who is Colleen Paige?

Colleen Paige is an animal behaviorist and author. In 2006 she founded National Puppy Day and National Kitten Day. Her purpose in developing the holidays was to bring awareness to the public about the safety of pets and the horrid side of puppy mills.

Collie, the International Puppy Day mascot, needs a forever/foster home in the USA!

In partnership with Colleen Paige, the Romanian dog's ambassador in the USA, ROLDA has organized this years National (International) Puppy Day. For this event Collie, one of the rescue puppies, a precious three month old, male - was selected to be the International Mascot.

Colleen also wants to help with the transport costs, if this gorgeous puppy can find a forever home in America. Please help make Collie happy and well known worldwide as the "Spokespup" for all the homeless street dogs in Romania.

See what IPD is all about.

Glad you're here!
Glad you're here!
Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

They Call it Puppy Love

Selecting the right dog for you.

Seeing a puppy romp and play pulls at our heart string. We fall in love with them and adore all the cutesy things they do. Who doesn't love an adorable puppy?

The problem is that puppies don't stay puppies. They grow up into adult dogs; sometimes huge dogs and the cute side isn't so cute anymore. That is why it is so important to know the kind of puppy that will best suit your personality and your lifestyle. Not all dogs match up with every type of people personality.

Photo google images

I Want A Dog

Photo google images/shutterstock
Photo google images/shutterstock

The Cost of Raising a Dog

Puppies Grow Up!

Puppies can be expensive!

When they are young we want to shower them with the best toys and treats, but that isn't a good idea. First of all it can become expensive, and second, all treats are not equal in safety or nutrition.

Food, treats, toys, leashes, collars and vet bills add up quickly. Make sure you count the cost before you get a puppy.

Exercise and grooming are important to a puppy just as they are to us. Puppies need even more daily exercise than adult dogs, but they do tire easily. It is important that you know the physical activity needs of your pup in order to meet them.

Photo google images/shutterstock

Prepare your child with daily practicing.
Prepare your child with daily practicing.

FurReal Friends Puppies - Before your child gets a pet, let them practice.

So your child wants a puppy. A good way to prepare your family is with these interactive furry friends. Just like a real puppy, these toy pups bark, move, and make sounds. Some models have a remote controlled leash for taking puppy for a walk.

What better way to see if your family is ready for the responsibility of a live animal. Besides a whole lot of love, pets take work, commitment, time, patience and money. Why not find out how prepared your child is by first practicing on this toy puppy. In the long run it's worth it. CLICK ON PHOTO FOR DETAILS.

Help Stop Mills
Help Stop Mills
Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

Why Adopt?

There are approximately 8,000-10,000 puppy mills in the U.S. (The number is probably much higher).This includes many "backyard breeders" who purposely allow their dog to get pregnant in hopes of selling puppies through their local paper or online.

Puppy mills don't provide proper food, water or clean housing for the pups. Quite often puppies from a puppy mill are already sick when they arrive at the pet stores. Many don't even survive the trip to the store.

Why adopt? Because there are so many dogs, from pups to adults, that are homeless. They need someone to love them and care for them. Dogs are very social animals and long for kind words and a gentle touch. If you are looking for a dog for your family, please consider adoption.

Pet stores that sell puppies are the number one reason that so many puppy mills exist. Like in most businesses today, it is all about supply and demand. By adopting you are reducing the demand for puppies from puppy mills thereby causing the puppy mills to reduce their supply.

Photo google images

Have you ever rescued a dog from a shelter and made it your pet?

See results
Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

Which dog is the right dog?

A dog has a personality just like you.

Before you bring puppy home, make sure that you have done your homework concerning the breed of the pet.

1. Read books and articles about various kinds of dogs.

2. Check out what each type of dog requires for their daily needs in food, play and interaction.

3. Ask the local vet or staff at the shelter about what you can expect in the way of dog personalities and how they match up with yours.

4. Count the cost over the life span of a dog.

5. Don't rush in making your decision, because the wrong choice in dogs could end up with the dog being homeless again.

Photo google images

Puppy Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Photos are royalty free  google images.
Photos are royalty free  google images.
Photos are royalty free google images.

What Kind of Dog is For Your Family? - How to select the right dog. Choosing the right breed.

How To Choose a Puppy: Tips on How to Pick a Puppy

How To Choose a Puppy: Tips on How to Pick a Puppy

Chihuahua Puppy
Chihuahua Puppy

Maltese Giving Birth

Age minimum.

Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

Photo google images Chihuahua Puppy

How old should a puppy be before it is taken away from its mother?

See results
Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

Bringing Home Baby

When you bring a dog into your home, it is a new experience for them as well as you. It is as real as bringing home a newborn from the hospital, everyones life changes.

Give them time to adjust by being patient with them. It is a learning experience for the whole family.

Photo google images/shutterstock/English Bull Dog Puppy

Bushel full of fun!
Bushel full of fun!
Cute puppy sleeping.  But watch out when they wake!
Cute puppy sleeping. But watch out when they wake!
National Puppy Day squidoo favored1
National Puppy Day squidoo favored1

Good Behavior (Paperback or Kindle edition)

The Good Behavior Book for Dogs: The Most Annoying Dog Behaviors... Solved! [Kindle Edition]

Good Behavior gives practical advice for dog owners with not-so-perfect pups. With a fun and easy approach, the authorCollene Paige, founder of National Puppy Day, helps you teach your dog proper manners and behavior management in a respectful and loving environment.

This book will provide dog owners with the instruction and information that will allow them to solve behavior problems that in many cases have resulted in giving up the dog. All done with no harsh treatment in a gentle, non-stressful way.

CLICK on book for details.

Puppy vs Children: Keeping everyone safe.

I remember a woman bringing her infant into our home when my dog was only about a year old. When the mother went to touch the child my pup stood between her and the baby and wouldn't let her near him. She thought she was protecting the baby. We learned not to have her around babies not because she hurt the baby, but she made it hard for the mother to care for her own child.

Some dogs can be protective while others are hyper-active or high strung. These kinds of breeds are not for families with small children.

However, when you first introduce your puppy to your family there are some things you need to keep in mind. Teach your children not to poke or touch the dogs eyes or to pull, tug or bite a puppy's tail or ears. Yes, a small child will bite back when a puppy is nipping at them. Remind them not to hit or tease the puppy either. This can cause a dangerous situation and all too often the puppy gets blamed.

Photo google images by dogasaur

How to Care for Your Puppy - If the video is not working you can find them by the link provided.

How to train your puppy.

The IamsPet Food Company has provided this puppy training video containing helpful tips and advice. Their spokesperson discusses puppy training basics which includes common commands, positive reinforcement, and timing. More tips are available on

Caring for Your Puppy - If the video is not working you can find them by the links provided.

National Puppy Day squidoo favored1
National Puppy Day squidoo favored1

Dog Drool Training Course

Dog Drool: "AUDIO CD" Training Basics For: Bolting, Jumping, Potty Troubles And More!

"Dog Drool", offers invaluable dog training information for you and your whole family.

Colleen Paige, author, animal behaviorist and founder of National Puppy Day, offers dog behavior advice, combined with a bit of her celebrated humor and soothing music. This audio book format allows you to skip to each track so you can focus on one particular topic.

Topics include:

-How to Stop your dog from jumping

-How to deal with potty troubles

-Stop destructive behavior

-Make your dog listen the first time!

-Manage Separation Anxiety

-Stop the "catch me if you can" game

-How to be the Alpha Dog

-How to properly use Love & Praise

-Safety in play

-Weird things dogs do!

Training Your Puppy

Training a puppy comes with much responsibility. Help your children learn how to train a puppy properly with the tools provided in this program from

Visit this website for lots of ideas to help train your pet.

Training Puppy

Potty Training

Crate Training

Leash Training

Behavior Training

Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

Crating Your Puppy

This is an area that I am not too fond of, but some swear by it. Experts say that any dog should not be in a crate for more than 20 minutes, so why would you leave them in one all night?

If you have a problem with your puppy keeping you up or wandering around the house, confine them to a safe area for the night. Put a wind up clock near them and a big stuffed toy in the location for them.

Some people use a radio, turning on a talk show to quiet the pup. Just remember whatever you start, you may have to live with as they grow into an adult dog.

Photo google images by bijoupoodles

Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

Not all dogs take to crates.

My pup didn't like a crate. I put her in this huge crate at the front of the bedroom. She howled and cried to the point I couldn't take it any longer. I took her out of her crate and held her and then put her back. This routine went on for hours. Finally, I got a pillow and blanket and laid outside her cage until she fell asleep.

What I learned is that my puppy was raised outside in a kennel and was part of a litter of eleven pups. Knowing her background it made it easier to meet her needs. From the first day we got her she was never a day without me.

Photo google images by puppydad

Training Tools

Potty Train a Puppy
Potty Train a Puppy

Potty Training Tips

How easy was it for you to potty train a child? Maybe you never have, but you probably have heard the stories of those who did. Not pretty is it? When your baby needed to be changed you didn't get mad at it did you? Training a puppy takes time.

Here are some pointers:

Don't ever yell at them because they went to the bathroom in the house. It only scares them and they will end up doing it again.

Don't rub their nose in it. They are doing a natural body function and don't realize there is a certain place you deem as the place to do it.

Don't ever hit or beat at puppy for leaving a package for you. The dog doesn't know why you are angry with him and doing any of these things will cause your dog not to trust you.

What should you do? Learn your puppies behaviors.

Make sure to take a puppy outside right after he eats, plays or wakes up.

Walk your dog on a leash before going to bed making sure he goes to the bathroom. When my dog was a puppy I would let her outside to go potty and let her in about 30 minutes later. About an hour after I was in bed she wanted to go out. I couldn't understand why until I figured out that when I let her outside she played, chased bunnies, dug holes. You can get the picture.

When I took her out on a leash to the same general area in the yard and said, "good girls go potty" she learned that I wasn't going to let her play and that she might as well take care of business. I praised her and gave her big hugs and rubs when she finished. She learned the routine quickly and later I was able to let her out on her own without any problems.

Be prepared to take your puppy out at least once during the night until they are about 4-6 months old. As their bladder grows they will be able to hold it longer. One thing I am certain of is that if you don't set the pattern from the start, they'll set one for you. Be kind, be patient, be consistent. You'll reap the benefits from it later.

If your puppy needs to be home without you, put up a gate to keep them in a certain area of the house where they cannot harm anything, and they will be safe. A kitchen is usually a good spot.

For more potty training tips CLICK ON PUPPY PHOTO

Photo google images thehowtopottytrainapuppy

Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

Exercise and Your Puppy

Exercise and grooming are important to a puppy just as they are to us. Puppies need even more daily exercise than adult dogs, but they do tire easily.

It is important that you know the physical activity needs of your pup in order to meet them.

Photo google images

Developmental Toys - Click on pictures for details.

Fun pet balls and cubes will help keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated. Place your pet's favorite treats inside. As they roll the toy across the floor, your dog will learn how to get the treats inside. Be sure to get the right size for your pet.

PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat Dispensing Dog Toy - Small
PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat Dispensing Dog Toy - Small
For puppies only. Not recommended for older or large dogs.
Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images


Too many toys, taking the kids toys, slippers, shoes and anything else to chew.

Things to know about your puppy, how to discipline, crate train, other behaviors and toys at

Photo google images by petbehavior


What to feed a puppy.

Always keep fresh water available for your pet.

Like any newborn baby, you will want to be sure the food is right for your size and breed of dog. As your puppy grows so will its digestive track.

Do not feed a puppy adult dog food or load it up with treats, snacks or biscuits. Table food is a big no-no because it sends the wrong message to your pet and encourages begging, but it also isn't healthy for your dog. Many treats and snacks made for dogs are very harmful and can even lead to physical problems such as diabetes.


I think that with every new dog owner or vet you will get a different answer concerning what kind of food to give your new puppy and how often should you feed it.

Puppies require a higher protein food and need to eat often because they burn it up so quickly. For the first year it is important that pup is on specially formulated puppy food to insure good digestion and help them to grow strong. Even though a puppy may look like an adult after a few months, it is still a puppy and needs the essentials to grow up healthy and strong.

Feed all dogs according to the directions on the food package, by the weight of the dog. Usually puppies are fed 2-3 times a day. Two feedings a day, morning and evening, are good for adult dogs.

Photo google images by newpetzone

Pet Care & Hygiene


Skin Coat




Grooming & Skin/Coat Care

Knowing how it feels to get tangles and knots in my own hair always reminded me to comb my pet's hair daily. Daily brushing also helps you to do a routine check over the entire pet making sure that they are ok. Be sure to check the ears, around the eyes and between their toes for any burrs, thorns or briars.

If you have a problem with allergies from pet hair, you might want to consider adopting a dog that doesn't shed or has few shedding problems.

Buy veterinary guide book
Buy veterinary guide book

This book by Dr. Pinney has been a great resource to me. 

Click on book for details.

Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

Keep Accurate Health Records

It is important that from the very start you keep track of your pets health records.

- Record their vaccines and date they were given.

- Mark down their weight and eating habits.

- Have the phone number and name of local vets.

- Keep the pet poison control number on hand.

- List the allergies of your pet.

- Keep record of their behavior when they seem to be off their regular diet.

Photo google images

Disease Control Diagram

Visit this site for more info on vaccines.
google images photo by

Frontline for puppies
Frontline for puppies

Flea, Tick & Heartworm

To ignore this could cost your pet its life.

There are many brands and types of Flea, Tick and Heartworm preventive medications.

Most are administered monthly and are essential in the overall health and well-being of your dog. Be sure to use the proper product for the weight of your dog or puppy.

See your veterinarian for detailed information and their recommendations for when it is safe to use on a puppy or adult dog.

CLICK ON PHOTO for more details.

Puppy Vaccines

vaccines by Dr. Foster Smith
vaccines by Dr. Foster Smith

Puppy Vaccines: What does my dog need?

We recommend that you take your puppy or adult dog to a veterinarian for an initial exam. If the vet is willing, ask him/her to come outside to give the vaccines or do the examination. If your puppy/dog appears healthy, it is not good for a healthy puppy to be brought in with other pets until after it has had all its vaccines. My vet is the one who suggested this, and was willing to minister to our pets (dogs and cats) at the back of the building. He did this until the cycle of vaccinations were complete.

While your pet is being examined make sure to ask questions about the vaccines your dog needs to prevent diseases. Check out this link by Drs. Foster & Smith for more details and schedules.

(photo google images)

Puppy Vaccines
Puppy Vaccines

Vaccines: A Recommended Schedule for Puppies

Always check with your veterinarian.

Puppies need to be vaccinated for the following:






(These vaccines are available in combination shots DHPP, DHLPP).

Rabies (given separately).

This is the schedule that we have always used for our dogs.

DHPP given at 6 and 9 weeks of age.

DHLPP given at 12 and 15 weeks of age.

The rabies vaccine is always given at or after 12 weeks of age.

If vaccines are started after 6 weeks of age, check with your veterinarian as to the schedule they recommend.

In certain areas of the U.S., Lyme disease is a real problem in dogs and humans. This disease can also be secondarily transmitted to humans by their pet. Ask your veterinarian about the need for a Lyme vaccine.

Bordetella is another vaccine that many vets recommend. Again, check with your vet.

While you are visiting your veterinarian start planning with them for monthly heartworm prevention and flea and tick treatment.

Taking early precautions and maintaining a good, lifelong health regimen, will aid in the overall well-being of your pet.

CLICK on puppy photo for more vaccine information.

(Photo google images by puppy-training-at-home)

pet poison helpline
pet poison helpline

The dog ate what? Plastic, paint brush, chocolate... a light bulb!

poison control center for pets

Remember Pets during Poison Prevention Week March 18-24.

This is the 50th anniversary of Poison Prevention Week for Animals.

Visit their website to learn how to poison-proof your house (including kitchen, bath, living room, garage and yard).

List of poisons and action to take. Pet Poison Helpline is a 24-hour animal poison control service available throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean for pet owners and veterinary professionals who require assistance with treating a potentially poisoned pet. They have the ability to help every poisoned pet, with all types of poisonings, 24 hours a day.

Books on Raising A Healthy & Happy Pet

Photo by overdose-of-cuteness
Photo by overdose-of-cuteness
Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

Puppy Mills vs Breeders

Goggle images by simple pet care.
Goggle images by simple pet care.
puppy mills
puppy mills

Puppy Mills vs. Breeders

Is there a difference?

They breed large quantities of the puppies and keep them in crowded cages that are not well maintained. The term puppy mill can be used to identify other animal breeding operations that produce large quantities of animals for use as pets or as feed.

Puppies are often weaned from their mothers far too early for normal socialization and health, and they are packed in crates for long journeys until they reach the pet shops, which many will not live to see.

Roughly 3,500 to 3,700 pet shops in the United States buy their dogs from these puppy mills, and the public has no idea. These shops sell up to 300,000 to 500,000 puppies a year. Because of the way in which the puppies are raised, they often develop sicknesses that will cause discomfort and death, and raise your veterinarian bills through the roof.

So it is in everyone's best interest to deal with reputable breeders who treat the animals with care and compassion. They will insure that dogs are not bred indiscriminately and their lineages are preserved and well matched if you are looking for purebreds.

The other option is going to animal shelters and adopting pets that have been abandoned or abused. Not knowing the background of an animal is sometimes tricky, but they are eternally grateful for your friendship and kindness.

(photo google images by beautiful-vegan)

Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

Spay & Neuter Your Pets

When should I have my pet fixed?

To prevent more unwanted pets, ask your veterinarian when you should have your puppy spayed or neutered.  

Often times the fee for this procedure is reduced for pets that have been adopted from a shelter.

Photo google images

Google images by neesay
Google images by neesay
Buy pet car seat here.
Buy pet car seat here.

Pet Travel Safety

Every 18 minutes a pet is harmed or killed in an automobile accident because they are unrestrained

I know it seems cute when our pets hang their heads out the window or climb up on our laps when we drive, but the fact is, we aren't being responsible when we allow this behavior.

Would you permit your child to roam about the vehicle while you are trying to drive? No, of course not. Statistics have shown that animals are either harmed or killed in a vehicle approximately every 18 minutes, because they are not fastened into the seat.

If you have a pet, please take a look at the pet car seats provided on the Amazon search below. You will find the correct one for your size and weight of the pet. All proceeds from any purchase go toward the adoption of a pet.

Photo by Amazon. Click on photo.

Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images
Click here for new puppy gift basket by Amazon
Click here for new puppy gift basket by Amazon

First Pet Gift Basket Ideas

Congratulations on your new pooch!

Suggestions for making puppy feel right at home. All available on this website. What are some things that you will need right from the start? Here are a few items I would suggest.

- Grooming brush and comb

- How to book on puppies

- magazine subscription on raising puppies to dogs

- organic treats

- collar and leash

- bedding

- crate

- folding gate

- vets phone number

- food and water bowl

- puppy chow

- puppy safe chew toys

- puppy training pads

Other ideas: Decorative Basket, Pet Collectible, Organic Shampoo & Conditioner,

Gift Book, Collectible Art, Designer clothing and Accessories, Organic Treats, Toys

Pictured is the Congrats on your new pooch gift basket. CLICK ON GIFT BASKET for details.

What else can we do on

National Puppy Day?

Hold Your Own Puppy Bowl for Adopt-A-Pup

The "Steaks" were high!
The "Steaks" were high!

Puppy Bowl VIII - to adopt

To watch the full Puppy Bowl VIII visit this website

Puppy Bowl

Have you ever watched the Puppy Bowl?

See results
Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images
Volunteer and Donate
Volunteer and Donate
Make a difference.  Volunteer.
Make a difference. Volunteer.

Be a doer, not a by-stander. Get involved.

Maybe you are not in the position to adopt a pet at this time. There are things you can do to help.

Donations of course are a top need in any shelter or rescue center, but volunteers are also desperately needed. I am asking if you would volunteer a few hours a week in a local animal shelter.

Besides taking care of the homeless animals, there is much work that needs to be done daily, and there just aren't enough volunteers to do it. For the past seven years I have volunteered at a pet rescue every day and am glad that I have had this opportunity.

Yes, I donate food, toys and money but my time is also just as valuable and needed in caring for these precious animals.

What else can we do to help? Contact your local animal shelter and simply ask what they need. Here is a brief list of some things every shelter needs:

Dry puppy and adult dog food, treats, toys, blankets, laundry soap, bleach, towels, pet grooming supplies, pet carriers, leashes, food and water bowls, dish soap, sponges, paper towels (tons), vet bills paid, sponsor a pet to be spayed or neutered, van for transporting animals, kennel runs, electric and utility bills paid and so much more.

Whatever you can do, please do it today. A pet is waiting to be loved and cared for right away.

Photo by

In Honor of Judy Collins

Dedicated to the memory of my friend Judy who volunteered countless hours at the pet shelter and who adopted many of them herself. She is loved and missed. Thank you Judy for your loving heart.

Stop euthanizing strays. Adopt Today.
Stop euthanizing strays. Adopt Today.

All proceeds from this site go to the N.O.A.H. Rescue Shelter

All proceeds from this site go to the N.O.A.H. Rescue Shelter
All proceeds from this site go to the N.O.A.H. Rescue Shelter

Helpful Links for Raising Puppies - More great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy!

How to Pick a Puppy: Tips on How To Choose a Puppy

Professional dog trainer Kathy Santo discusses important factors to consider when choosing a puppy. Think about your lifestyle, your dog's size, time needed to groom and the training and exercise of your puppy to ensure you choose a dog that's a right fit for your lifestyle and commitment level.

How To Crate Train a Puppy - Crate Training Puppies

How To Feed a Puppy - How To Choose the Best Puppy Food

How To Take Care of a Puppy: Puppy's First Vet Visit

How to Take Care of a Puppy: Bringing a Puppy Home

How to Train a Puppy to Sit and Stay - Obedience Training for Puppies

Stop Puppy Biting: Training Puppies Not to Bite

Leash Training Puppies: How to Leash Train a Puppy

How to Housebreak a Puppy: Potty Training a Puppy

How to Take Care of a Puppy: Taking Care of Puppies

Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

Online Adopt A Pet Game

Click here to play.

Wonderful things about Puppy. - They bring us laughter and joy.

Link:Very funny dog! Really determined too...[ORIGINAL]

Dog LOVES his bath time:

I love this video. It's so sweet.

Don't you wish your kids love taking a bath like this pup?

This week's challenge on my: Daily Favor Blog


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