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Stop dog choking! Use a harness!

Updated on October 28, 2014
GollyGearHope profile image

Hope Saidel is co-owner of Golly Gear, a bricks-and-mortar and online shop featuring fun, affordable and practical small dog products

These aren't your father's dog's harnesses!

Colors, fabrics, styles and designs have all moved into the 21st century! Don't leave your dog lagging!

Many veterinarians now recommend that dogs wear harnesses instead of collars - which left many people with a choice between safety and style - we couldn't have both.

The good news is - now we can! Just take a look at the possibilities to let your dog be the fashionista she aspires to be!

Our shop, Golly Gear, specializes in harnesses. We carry dozens of styles in color and size combinations to suit any dog. Visit us anytime - either in person or online!

Measure twice!

To get a good fit you need an accurate "girth" (chest) measurement for your dog. Use a tape measure right behind the dog's front legs and wrap it all the way around - snugly. If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of string and measure the string against a yardstick or retractable measure.

Teddy (French Bulldog) sports the brown Microfiber Step-in Harness
Teddy (French Bulldog) sports the brown Microfiber Step-in Harness

Microfiber Step-in Harness

Step-in harnesses are perfect for dogs who are sensitive to something going over their heads. Contrary to custom - many dogs don't like being patted on the head, or having anything going over their heads. Many dogs find the motion and posture threatening. It's generally a good idea to introduce yourself to dogs by letting them sniff your hand, then, if the dog is calm, petting it under the chin or on its neck.

The latest design in step-in harnesses, made of velvety-soft microfiber fabric, this Microfiber Step-in Harness is soft, strong, secure and stylish! Available in vivid color choices and a wide variety of sizes, this easy-to use harness is a perfect choice for almost any dog!

Putting on the Microfiber Step-in Harness

Ceilidh (Boston Terrier) shows the back of the Poochee Harness
Ceilidh (Boston Terrier) shows the back of the Poochee Harness

Poochee Step-in

Another step-in style, in an all-in-one design. This type of harness uses sliders rather than a buckle or clasp to close - and results in a custom fit every time it's used. Because of the design, the leash is part of the construction so this type of harness should not be used for all-day wear.

Minimalist style in the Poochee Rolled-Leather Step-in Harness! Elegant rolled-leather is not only gorgeous, it's also the best material for gliding through soft fur without causing matting.

Maddy (Chihuahua) in her Bronze Choke Free Shoulder Collar
Maddy (Chihuahua) in her Bronze Choke Free Shoulder Collar

Choke Free Shoulder Collar

Many toy dogs are prone to choking and developing "collapsing trachea" syndrome. This harness can help avoid the problem entirely - this step-in style harness does not come into contact with the dog's neck at all - it hugs him safely around the shoulders.

Truly chic and safe - the Choke-Free Shoulder Collar is perfect for smaller dogs with choking issues. The elegant, buttery-soft strip of leather circles your dog for a perfect fit.

Teddy (French Bulldog) in the Gooby Comfort Harness
Teddy (French Bulldog) in the Gooby Comfort Harness

Comfort Harness

Another popular harness style is the vest-type harness. Vest harnesses typically have more coverage than others, with broad, soft, fabric across the dog's chest.

The most exciting new design we've seen in quite a while! The Comfort Harness by Gooby is the only v-neck, vest-style harness we've seen. Available in seven vibrant colors and three sizes - the Comfort Harness is adjustable, adorable and affordable!

Payton (Airedale) in the Purple ComfortFlex Sport Harness
Payton (Airedale) in the Purple ComfortFlex Sport Harness

ComfortFlex Sport Harness

Standard harnesses are among the easiest to use, which is why they're classics. This updated version has all the ease-of-use of traditional standard-style harnesses - just open the buckle, pop it over the dog's head, sling the tummy strap around, close the buckle and you're ready to go.

Perfect for the active dog (and owner!) - the ComfortFlex Sport Harness is comfortable, cute, and comes in a multitude of sizes and bright colors. Made of parachute-type material, it can weather any conditions, rinse off and look like new - perfect for field, stream, or city!

Putting on the ComfortFlex Sport Harness

Booker (Boston Terrier) in the Wrap-n-Go
Booker (Boston Terrier) in the Wrap-n-Go


A relatively new design in harnesses - this harness uses only hook-and-loop closures - no buckles at all. The industrial strength closure is strong and safe - this is the harness we recommend for dogs who try to escape from their harnesses by planting their front legs and wiggling out the back. It's also a recommended style for people who have trouble with plastic pinch-clasps, due to arthritis or other conditions that may make them difficult to use.

Secure coverage without the weight or heat! The Wrap-N-Go is nothing but net! (and some secure seams and webbing) It's the lightweight harness we thought we'd never find, but Bark Appeal made it!

Find the right harness for you and your dog

To help you select the best style for you and your dog, Golly Gear now features a DIY Harness Selector - available anytime online.

© 2012 Hope

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