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non shedding small dogs

Updated on April 30, 2014
Newfoundland Dog Breed
Newfoundland Dog Breed
Chris! Which is me in the other blue shirt.
Chris! Which is me in the other blue shirt.

non shedding small dogs

non shedding small dogs are worth the money and care due to the less cleaning you need to worry about. We need to know what type of dog we want to buy so our house does not get messy. That is obviously common sense, but what if you have kids and they talk you into getting a dog, then you are stuck in a awkward position with your kids.

What I am going to give you is a list of the best non shedding dogs that will benefit you completely and some facts that will give you some thought.

1. Yorkshire Terrier dogs require daily grooming and brushing because they have a soft coat that helps with weather. You don't want to forget their kind and gentle nature. They are also sociable and are a great family dog. 2. Dachshund breeds contain unique hair quality such as smooth and/or wiry. The downside to this is that they need to be groomed daily for at least 20 minutes. 3. Poodles have such beautiful hair that they need to be brushed daily for at least 10 minutes and they are constantly alert which makes them really good guard dogs. 4. Shih Tzu breeds are great types of dogs because they are known as the non shedding dog of the world. Another great feature of this dog is that it's a good guard dog, but it needs to role solo because they do not work with others (Ha, Ha). 5. The best thing about Miniature Schnauzers is that they are loyal and always by your side, this makes them a great family dog, which is good because dogs or animals in general are known to bring family's close together. Since it's a family dog you can have the kids brush its hair everyday. LOL 6. Boston Terriers are so sweet and caring to people in general. They are quiet so you do not have to have a barking dog all the time when a neighbor walks by. There soft hair makes you realize how it rarely sheds. 7. Maltese dogs wear a beautiful set of fur that is very long and waves greatly in the air. The ironic thing is that they do not shed a hair. Plus they are very intelligent things and are so cute! 8. Havanese require grooming on a day to day basis because there coat of fur can get so tangled up. This breed is strong and magical because they have the powers to be weather resistant LOL. They are sociable and outgoing dogs that love to be loved. 9. West Highland Terriers have a coat that is weather resistant and have a long name Ha, Ha. 10. Bichon Frise are gentle and loving beings. They have weather resistant coats and look like small white tigers LOL.

I hope you enjoyed the article and learned new information about the non shedding small dogs that are in the world. I hope I helped you some how throughout this article. Please look more into getting a dog they are man's best friend and have lots of love towards anyone. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Also, if you want to leave a comment below I honestly recommend you do, I love hearing from other people's story.


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