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Hamster Gifts and Poems for the Hamster Lover - AKA Hamsters on Parade

Updated on October 14, 2014

Hamster Themed Gifts and Poems

When my husband and I were small and again when our girls were young, we had pet hamsters in our home.

Hamsters are just such cute and easy to care for animals! I thought I would celebrate the hamster by offering you fun hamster cages and treats plus a few fun items for the hamster lover. Then you can read my original poems about hamsters.

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) reprint with permission

Common Hamster (Cricetus Cricetus)


Common Hamster (Cricetus Cricetus)

You may purchase this poster from

Hamster Gift Shop

Gifts for the Hamster Lover

Pewter Hamster Necklace

This cute hamster is cast in lead-free fine pewter and beautifully detailed according to artist Merry Rosenfields original jewelry design.

* pendant comes ready to wear on an 18" black rubber cord

Hamster Crossing Sign

This hamster crossing sign is a perfect gift for the hamster lover. Top quality sign may be used indoors or outdoors

* Proudly Made In the U.S.A.

Gifts for the Hamster

Hamster Home Cage and Hamster Traveling Cage

This colorful hamster home has a removable traveler, bubble-toob elevator, locking door, feeding dish and water bottle. Starter kit also includes bed fluff, munchie-chews, salt lick, hide-out and soft tip brush.

Dwarf Hamster - Oh, so cute!


Dwarf Hamster

You may purchase this poster from

A Really Cute Hamster Video

Original Hamster Poems

A hamster is like a mouse with a little tail

For a built-in carryall, his fat cheeks avail

Marjorie Door

About my hamster falling within a hollow metal fire door

One day home from play

I put Marjorie in the peep hole

But a piece had gone away

And Marjorie fell down the deep hole

She dropped into the door

We popped if off the hinges

And laid it on the floor

We crouching at the fringes

You see the door had channels

For Marjorie to run through

Within the door's panels

Was a hamster maze quite true

An hour past and we could tell

She was still alive within

We put out lettuce for her to smell

Waiting, eager, with hope thin

Alas we thought her lost fore'er

And door to pins needed return

But, Marjorie exited out to the air

So we could sleep without concern


Do You Like Hamsters?

Do Hamsters Make the Best Pets for Little Kids?

See results

I've Had a Few Hamsters

I've had a few hamsters in my house

They make great pets for a child

A hamster is a rodent like a mouse

That, with love & care, won't act wild

Lady Sadie

Surprises await :)

Sadie was a lady though she was still a girl

We brought her home one day to give her wheel a whirl

But what should happen in a week?

We really were quite puzzled

Cause all her shavings she would sneak

Into the wheel she nuzzled

Then to our great surprise

Small pink things started crawling

In the wheel before our eyes

The population sprawling

So lest the hamster boys and girls be separate from the go

A hamster mom you may adopt with family soon to grow

Click to read more Poetry on tons of subjects at


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