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Organic Treats for Sensitive Dogs

Updated on April 1, 2017

Meet our Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Rascal.

He is allergic to beef, chicken, and wheat. He loves Sweet Potatoes, Salmon and Venison.
He is allergic to beef, chicken, and wheat. He loves Sweet Potatoes, Salmon and Venison.

Rascal Loves Organic Treats that are Good for him!

Rascal is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever that had been having problems with commercial dog treats and prepared foods. He suffered from ear and paw yeast infections, infected ears and just general all over itchy skin. His veterinarian has suggested he may be allergic to beef, chicken and wheat. Trying to find food and treats for Rascal can be a challenge since most dog products contain one or all 3 of these ingredients.

This lens(page) shows his favorite Dog Treat flavors. These ingredients have been proven to us that they are not contributing to his skin or dietary problems. No more itchiness, infections, or dog-food related problems, thank goodness.

Rascal has also has given me permission to share his favorite do-it-yourself venison Dog Treat recipe. But hurry, because he may change his mind about sharing...

Yum... Rascal sez Organic Salmon and Sweet Potato Treats are great! - I never could figure out why most dog food and treats don't contain fish...

Have you ever seen a dog walk past a dead fish on the shore? Eeeww! This is a better way to get a snack that dogs crave.

Sweet Potato Treats are Vet and Rascal-approved for Dietary Issues

Newman's Own Dog Biscuits, Salmon & Sweet Potato - Breakable, 10-oz. (Pack of 6)
Newman's Own Dog Biscuits, Salmon & Sweet Potato - Breakable, 10-oz. (Pack of 6)

Please Note: This would have a 5 star Amazon rating, except for the naysayer that states dogs should only eat meat as carnivores. My vet recommended sweet potato as a starch rather than wheat that is an additive to most dog treats that can and does cause allergies and skin issues, so I'll happily heed her advice instead. Rascal's now healthy and glossy coat concurs with that assessment.


Although these Treats are good for Dogs with Dietary Issues...

All of these Treats are healthy, organic, and delicious alternates for ALL Dogs.

Does your Dog enjoy Organic Treats?

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Dogs love Venison Jerky Treats! Rascal does, and his Favorite Homemade Recipe is Shown Below

Make your own All Natural Low Cost Venison Dog Treats

So simple, and your Dog will jump for Joy. Literally.

Venison Dog Treats
by SoyCandleLover-Maker




Slice venison into short 2 inch strips, about 1 inch wide, and 1/8 inch thick.


Place venison strips on racks.

Heat approximately 5-8 hours or until dried to a jerky-like consistency.

Using an OVEN:

Set oven temperature to 225 degrees.

String 1 end of each venison slice through skewer, leaving room between each slice. Slightly bend skewers enough to catch the ends of each skewer UNDER the oven rack between the rack wires.

Place foil wrapped cookie pan under skewers (without touching) to catch drips.

Heat approximately 5-8 hours or until dried to a jerky-like consistency.

Allow to cool.

Store in airtight container and refrigerate.


Recipe by SoyCandleLover-Maker

posted on Hubpages

What is Your Dog's Favorite Treat Flavor?

What is Your Dog's Favorite Treat Flavor?

See results

Rascal and Friends

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Paws here to leave your suggestion, tip, or to just say "Hi, Hi, Hi!" like Rascal is prone to do.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great article will be featuring it on my organic vs non-organic pet food lens.

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      8 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      Poor Rascal with his infections. I am glad there are organic treats for him.


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