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Batman the Oriental Cat

Updated on November 30, 2016

Meet Batman!

This is my Oriental Shorthair cat, Batman. He is the black kitten in the photo. Just like Siamese, they are more like dogs than cats. They are extroverted, intelligent, and very affectionate. They are active and playful most of the time, and they don't like to be left alone very long, so it's a good idea to have other cats or a dog to entertain them. They are Siamese cats without the gene which restricts the color to the points.

Excellent Oriental Shorthair Book

The Guide to Owning an Oriental Shorthair Cat
The Guide to Owning an Oriental Shorthair Cat

This is a very good book about the history of Oriental cats and how to care for them.


About Me and My Cats

For my whole life I have never been without a cat. I have always had at least one of them in the house or outside at the farm. My first pet was a white cat named Tom. He followed me around everywhere when I was little. At the same time, we got a black cat that lived outside at the farm for 18 years. She might have been more than 20 years old. When I moved out on my own, I took my flame point Siamese mix, Homer. I got a new kitten named Eddy, that Homer didn't like at first but then they became close friends. They were only together about a year when Homer died. Then I got a dog instead of another cat. Eddy died a few days before Halloween last year. He was 11 years old. It was the first time in my life that I didn't have a cat.

Batman Says:Climb your way to the top. That's why the curtains are there.

How I Got My Kitten

I wanted another purebred or mixed Siamese, but I couldn't find one anywhere close to where I live. Then one day in the local newspaper, the pet of the week from the Humane Society was a tiny black Oriental kitten. I went to see him as soon as I could. He originally had three brothers and sisters. One of them was a solid gray color, and two were red tabbies. Oriental Shorthairs can be solid, tortoiseshell, tabby, smoke, shaded, and tipped colors. Any color other than the Siamese points. Only the black kitten and one red tabby were still there. They were both very playful and wild. I took Batman home and slowly introduced him to Snapdragon the dog, who was very gentle with him. They started out as great friends and they play together all the time. They don't like to be separated from each other.

Your local Humane Society is a good place to find a new cat, dog, or any other pet. Sometimes they have purebred animals, not just mixed breeds. You can go to Pet Finder and search for your area to find a furry new best friend.

Batman's Photos

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Out of Focus, He Jumped UpReady to JumpHiding
Out of Focus, He Jumped Up
Out of Focus, He Jumped Up
Ready to Jump
Ready to Jump

The Name Batman

I don't know exactly who named my kitten Batman. Someone at the Humane Society named him that because he has slanted eyes like the superhero and he is a solid black color. It is a good name for him because he thinks he's bigger than he is, he acts tough, and he's not afraid of anything. He runs around, jumps up, and tries to fly. When he is calm, he watches the superhero Batman cartoon that's on television late at night for 30 minutes. He also watches other television shows when they are interesting to him.

Favorite Things to do

Batman's favorite toy is Snapdragon, my German Shepherd Dog. They gently play together every day. When the dog doesn't want to play, he chases his toy ball around the track, hunts his catnip or mice toys, crawls inside of his kitty tunnel, or gets into everything to inspect it like all Siamese and Oriental cats do. He also likes to chase his toys on a string when I swing them around. That's how we play together. Then he curls up to take a nap while I work on my computer.

Cat Comments

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    • Snakesmum profile image

      Jean DAndrea 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Shelter cats make great pets. Sounds like Batman found a great home.

    • profile image

      cmadden 4 years ago

      Batman the black cat - I love it! He's such a cutie.

    • christinebbr lm profile image

      christinebbr lm 4 years ago

      a cat is a nice hero to have!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Batman is a very cool name for a black cat. :)

    • Sher Ritchie profile image

      Sher Ritchie 5 years ago

      @orange3 lm: I agree!

    • orange3 lm profile image

      orange3 lm 5 years ago

      Batman is gorgeous!

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 6 years ago

      Very interesting, I was not familiar with this breed.

    • jp1978 profile image

      jp1978 6 years ago

      I'm a sucker for cat lenses!

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 6 years ago

      Batman's an aptly named cat -:) Lensrolled to Black Kitty Cat Gifts.

    • HorseAndPony LM profile image

      HorseAndPony LM 6 years ago

      I loved reading about Batman. What a cutie. I must add that I love your dogs name, Snapdragon. Thanks for sharing!

    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 6 years ago

      It's apparent you have a great love for cats! Batman sounds like a Love..I love Siamese cats but can't handle they voices...I had a domestic Siamese, she had the color of a Siamese, a soft voice and no crossed eyes, her name was Tabu.