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Our German Wirehaired Pointer, River Jackson

Updated on October 6, 2014

Meet Jack!

This is the story of Jack the German Wirehaired Pointer.

Jack is an awesome dog. Not only is he handsome but he is smart too. Jack's favorite thing is hunting. Pheasant hunting to be exact. He would rather hunt than eat and he really loves to eat. So you can just imagine how geeked he gets when he knows that he is going pheasant hunting. I mean, honestly, you just can't stand to be in the same room with him. Once my husband starts getting out the gear he needs to pheasant hunt this dog knows what is going on and he starts going banana's. Especially when the hunting socks come out of the drawer.

Not only is Jack smart but he is loyal and very protective of his family, his house and his yard. Jack is very particular about who he lets pet him or for that matter even talk to him. Arrogant is the word that comes to mnd. But, once you get to know him he will be your very best friend and he will never forget you.


Our Golden Years!

Not so retiring.

My husband and I retired from our careers about 5 years ago. He, my husband, was a lineman for the local power company and I worked at an independent insurance agency. We were both looking forward to retiring and taking it easy. Maybe do a little traveling and spending more time with our grandchildren, all 12 of them.

Well, the next thing you know we are out looking at puppies. German Wirehaired Pointer puppies to be exact. Now, if you are an animal lover like me you know you can't go and just look at puppies. You have to hold them and let them lick you to death and oh that wonderful puppy breath smell. Yup, you guessed it, I wrote a check on the spot and picked out the little guy we were going to bring home. We were back at the breeders in about 3 weeks and our little guy came home with us and this little bundle of joy would forever change our lives.


Purepoint Kennels

Dave and Michelle Weaver

We had had another German Wirehaired Pointer when our children were still at home and we loved this dog. He was a great breed for children and he was so smart he just continually amazed us. So, when we thought about looking at puppies our choice was the German Wirehaired Pointer. We found a breeder that was less than 50 miles from us and it just so happened that they just had a litter that was ready to be sold.

The kennel was called Purepoint Kennel and they were very professional. What I liked the most was the fact that they interviewed us. In other words, they didn't sell their puppies to anyone that had the money. They were looking for good placement for their dogs and wanted to know that their puppies would be given good homes and would be well taken care of. In my book that is a plus. Another good tip when looking for a breeder is when they will release their puppies. A good breeder will keep the litter with the bitch for at least 8 weeks. This gives the pups a great start both physcially and mentally.


Purepoint River Jackson

AKC registered name

We needed a name for the AKC register which is always a challenge. We wanted something "cool" because we had intended to breed Jack. Jack came from the Purepoint Kennel and his mother's shortened name was River and we happened to be living on the Muskegon River at that time. So....the logical name was Purepoint River Jackson. The Jackson part came because, as I mentioned, we intended to breed Jack and had thought of purchasing a female German Wirehaired Pointer and calling her Jill. Get it? Jack and Jill.

But, that is how we came up with Jack and it fits him so perfectly. We do have one problem with the name though. We had a new neighbor move in next door and they have a Golden Retriever named, you guessed it, Jack. So now when I yell "Jack, come" the neighbor dog comes too.


Pheasant Hunting

Best thing ever!

Jack loves to hunt. His favorite hunting is pheasant but would gladly go quail or grouse hunting anytime or anywhere. When we lived on the Muskegon River he would play in the water for hours chasing or "hunting" fish, and even caught some. He is just a great hunter.

My husband had him out guiding a pheasant hunt when he was 7 months old and believe it or not he kicked out as many birds as the "old timers". German Wirehaired Pointers are known for their stamina in the field and this boy can out hunt anyone. In the dead of winter he will break through ice to get to another field where a bird has gone down. Nothing stops this dog from doing his job. He is focused on pleasing his master and nothing makes him happier than a good hunt.

He can come home all beat up from the brush and the prickers, the ice or the snow and collapse on his bed only to jump to his feet if you asked "want to go hunting"?

Jack's favorite toy - Especially with a treat inside!

Jack is a chewer and we have bought just about every toy on the market and this is the only one, and I mean the only one, that he has not chewed through. He loves his treats inside the Kong and this keeps him busy for a few minutes. It use to take longer but he has it all figured out now.

Big Sloppy Kisses

I love coming home to Jack's big, wet, sloppy kisses. I can be gone 3 hours or 3 minutes and the greeting is always the same.

Some of My Favorite Pictures - Our boy, Jack.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
I told you he liked to chew!Hunting under the snowa portraitjust relaxinigJack loves the snowDid you call me?Oh please, just one more treat...Watching over the grandchildrena man and his dog
I told you he liked to chew!
I told you he liked to chew!
Hunting under the snow
Hunting under the snow
a portrait
a portrait
just relaxinig
just relaxinig
Jack loves the snow
Jack loves the snow
Did you call me?
Did you call me?
Oh please, just one more treat...
Oh please, just one more treat...
Watching over the grandchildren
Watching over the grandchildren
a man and his dog
a man and his dog

German Wirehaired Pointer - An Owners Guide

This book deals with your German Wirehaired Pointer from puppy to senior dog. It is loaded with information and a book and went to for all my questions.

German Wirehaired Pointer (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)
German Wirehaired Pointer (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)

A great book filled with good information


Dog Training

Dog training is essential to the well being of your dog and to you. A well mannered dog is a pleasure to live with. Most of us have been around a badly mannered dog. Jumping on us, nipping at us or the owner continually barking orders at their dog only to be ignored. You want your dog to be calm, cool and collected! Training is very important in the early years but if you spend some quality time with your dog you can make him a joy to be around. Dogs want to please their masters and you will be surprised what a few minutes a day would do for the well being of your pet.

Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems
Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems

Training your dog the correct way is easy on the dog and easy on you. Cesar has that gift.


If you would like to give Jack some advice or just to say hello you can do it here.

Say hello to Jack

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