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Great stuff for Pekingese

Updated on August 17, 2017
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Hope Saidel is co-owner of Golly Gear, a bricks-and-mortar and online shop featuring fun, affordable and practical small dog products

Pekingese | Source

Pekingese were meant for emperors!

According to the Pekingese Club of America, "Though the Pekingese was developed as a companion dog, it was originally bred in China specifically as an ornamental accessory for Emperors and courtiers in the Forbidden City of Imperial China as well as a personal guard dog. The smaller ones, that is. The smallest ferocious ones, called 'Sleeves,' were carried in the large sleeves of garments and served as the ancient Chinese version of mace to defend and scare off anyone threatening the courtiers.

The ancient Chinese standard refers to Pekingese having specific colors to match certain wardrobes. This suggests that Pekingese were literally an extravagant fashion accessory in a society and culture known for exotic excesses and lavishness. The Pekingese remains excessively exotic and lavish today."

The breed is thought to be over 2000 years old, one of the oldest in the world. Current trends favor a very plush coat of fur, but historically there has also been a lighter, more spaniel-like coat. Peke fur comes in just about any doggy color, and aside from daily brushing, is a fairly healthy and low-maintenance dog, requiring a minimal amount of exercise.

Here at Golly Gear, we know how to treat Pekingese like the royalty they are!

Lexi (Miniature Poodle) in the Rolled Microfiber Harness & Leash Set
Lexi (Miniature Poodle) in the Rolled Microfiber Harness & Leash Set

Rolled Microfiber Harness & Leash Set

Rolled styles are our favorites for avoiding matting in plush and/or soft-coated dogs. This contemporary, Rolled Microfiber Harness & Leash is a new option that's getting great reviews. Available in four vibrant colors: Black, Pink, Green and Purple.

Beautiful dogs - in history, art, and real life!

Water Rover
Water Rover

Water Rover

The Water Rover is the most ingenious invention we've seen to carry your little dog's water supply! The Water Rover even has a patent in the U.S.

The cap has a built-in belt clip, so no hands are needed to carry the Water Rover! To fill the Water Rover, just unscrew the wide-mouth cap and fill with water and perhaps some ice on a hot day.

When your pup needs water, just pull out the stopper and put the Water Rover down.

Water flows into the bowl instantly. The flow will stop automatically - the bowl will not overflow! When your little one is finished drinking, tilt the bowl back so that the extra water flows back into the bottle - no waste!

Toy Temptations - Treats good enough for your royal companion

Each flavor of Toy Temptations treats from DogChewz NYC is healthy and delicious. Organic, natural and yummy, these treats are perfect for our little dogs! Flavors include: Carob, Carob Cheesecake, Chicken & Parmesan, Pizza, and Apple Cheddar,

Choke-free Shoulder Collar Harness
Choke-free Shoulder Collar Harness

Choke-Free Shoulder Collar

Specially designed to avoid touching the dog's neck and throat, the leather Shoulder Collar holds the dog around his/her shoulders for a secure, non-choking fit. Perfect for dogs prone to choking and gagging, and safe for short-faced dogs who may experience breathing issues.

About the Pekingese

Find out more about Pekingese!

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    • profile image

      snowmarie 3 years ago

      I love my peke so much!! He's such my other little world :) Adopt him on 2012.

      I just knew that he's my other half since we 1st met :) George (now Jose) is more than a dog, he's my son, okay lil bossy son. LOL :P

      He tweet his daily activities on Twitter ;) @JoseThePeke and post some pics on Instagram @jose_peke :)

    • Radgrl profile image

      Radgrl 4 years ago

      I miss my Peke

    • menskincaretips profile image

      menskincaretips 6 years ago

      The furminator sounds like an interesting solution, I own 3 pekingese and they shed a lot of fur! Thanks for the tips!

    • profile image

      Geroscia 8 years ago

      is it normal for a 4 month pekingese to be so active and alert? it hears almost everything!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I have a little pekingese in a cutest dog competiton. I am hoping you can vote for him. HIs name is Pucco Buster.

      I am asking all my friends to vote for me. I need all my friends help to have any chance of winning. Please help me win. Rally for me and post in groups as well if you can'

      thank you