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Pet Beds: The Best Beds for Dogs on Amazon

Updated on July 10, 2013
Best Pet Beds for Dogs
Best Pet Beds for Dogs | Source

Let's face it - pets are valuable additions to our families and we want to treat them to the same security, peace and comfort we give to other members of our family. A pet dog is a wonderful companion eager to show his owner unconditional love and loyalty. You can repay that love and affection by rewarding your pet dog with a comfortable, warm and secure place to sleep. Beds for dogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you are sure to find one that is perfect for your lovable canine.

A pet bed for your dog is not only a great way to pamper your pet, but also provides important benefits. Many pet owners make the mistake of putting “doggy clothes” on their pups to protect them from the cold, but that can disrupt a dog’s natural insulation and pose a health risk. A pet bed will provide your furry companion with protection from climate changes by giving him a place to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. By having a place of his own to rest, furniture will be spared from his gnawing and shedding. The older a dog gets, the more prone he is to orthopedic problems. A nice foam contoured pet bet can soothe, or even alleviate health problems such as dysplasia or arthritis. Show your beloved pet you care about him as much as he cares about you by rewarding him with one of the best beds for dogs.

Corner Dog Bed with Bolster

This soft, roomy dog bed is perfect for medium to large breed dogs. The bed measures 44” X 64” X 44” and the bolster is a stuffed roll of material that has its own separate zippered compartment in the bed. The zippered cover is a breeze to remove for easy cleaning. This durable and comfortable dog bed will provide your special pet with the ability to sleep in various positions. The unique triangular shape is perfect for the solitude of a quiet corner where your pet can rest without being disturbed. The Corner Dog Bed is filled with Hypro-Loft fiber, which is a super-soft, exclusive blend of virgin and recycled fibers. This fantastic dog bed is available in four colors: Khaki, Khaki Plaid, Hunter Plaid and Gray. Your dog is sure to love this one. You won't go wrong!

K&H Bolster Couch Pet Bed

Your dog will simply love this luxuriously comfortable dog bed.  The Couch Bed is suitable for small to medium breed dogs, and as the name implies, works great on a couch or on the floor.  The surrounding bolster will keep your canine snuggly warm and secure and provide a fantastic resting spot. This bed is made from micro-suede and the cushion is tufted to keep the quality polyfil in place. The bolster features a removable cover to make cleaning a snap. This high-quality pet bed comes in two sizes (small/large) and two colors (Blue/Gray and Mocha/Tan).

Super Soft Donut Yap Dog Bed

The Super Soft Donut Yap Dog Bed is so cozy, Fido won’t be able to resist it. This extremely soft designer dog bed is manufactured with your pet’s best health in mind. The plush fabric and cushion provide great protection from joint problems, dysplasia and arthritis while providing your pet with a contented rest. The high pile plush material makes this pet bed one of the warmest available. It features a removable cushion which is perfect for travel, and the entire unit is machine washable for easy cleaning. The Donut Yap Dog Bed comes with a chocolate brown fabric out covering and a furry tan sleeping area. This pet bed is well suited for small to medium-sized dogs. Give your pet a cuddly, warm and luxurious rest with the Super Soft Donut Yap Dog Bed.

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