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Plush dog toy slipper is favorite among dogs

Updated on January 9, 2015

Pet Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Owners

A red and green plush slipper toy is my Shih Tsu's favorite stuffed toy. The slipper toy keeps him occupied for hours.

When you slip off your shoes, do they disappear? Mine do. I swear my little Shih Tsu--Teddy--has a shoe fetish. If he can't find his favorite stuffed dog toy, I can guarantee I'll be looking in all his favorite places for one or both of my shoes when it's time for me to leave. Luckily, there is a solution to a dog's shoe-stealing behavior.

One of my friends came to visit and she came bearing gifts for the dogs. She had a stuffed slipper pet toy that she gave to Teddy. It was Christmas and the slipper was green and red. Teddy loved it. He spent hours holding the slipper between his paws and sucking on one edge. He never tore it up. He also stopped stealing my shoes.

Teddy and I highly recommend stuffed slipper dog toys.

  • Photo Credits. 1) Park Play by Laertes via Flickr" 2) Photo below of Teddy the Shih Tsu and his plush slipper toy 2010 copyright Vikk Simmons all rights reserved.

Teddy, the Shih Tsu, loves his plush slipper dog toy.
Teddy, the Shih Tsu, loves his plush slipper dog toy.
Red slipper plush toy for dogs is a winning gift
Red slipper plush toy for dogs is a winning gift

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Tell me about your dog. What's your dog's favorite toy. - Teddy loves to hear from our readers--as do I.

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    • flashgordontags1 profile image

      flashgordontags1 6 years ago

      Who doesn't like a nice slipper in the morning?

    • PlethoraReader profile image

      Matthew 6 years ago from Silicon Valley

      Sadly once we start with a slipper like this, it is a small move to nice shoes, comforters, and anything else they can find.

    • TheLittleCardShop profile image

      Malu Couttolenc 6 years ago

      My dog loves his flippy flopper and she used to steal my slippers, She doesn't do that very often nowm but still loves them. This is a great toy for dogs who do it. Their very own slipper!

    • profile image

      CatJGB 6 years ago

      Aww, so cute! No dogs round here, though I'm sure my 3 yr old would steal one of those to walk round the house in!