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Poopert the Doxie Foster

Updated on November 4, 2014

Poopert with Hallie

Don Pooperto

We ended up fostering a "miniature dachshund" from the DRNA (Dachshund Rescue of North America) about 10 months ago. My girlfriend named him "Perrin", but we soon developed another nickname for him that stuck: Poopert. Perrin has had a pretty rough life up until this point, being found tied up outside of an SPCA in the city where he was found. It seems that he has lost control over part of one of his hind legs, some control over his tail, and certainly to a lesser degree, his bowel control, as he poops in the house on average maybe once a week. This does nothing to diminish the love we feel for Poopert, or Pooperto, or "Don Poopeto", as we'll call him from time to time.

My favorite Poopert pic (mine)
My favorite Poopert pic (mine)

Growing up Poopert

In the above pic (in the intro paragraph), Perrin is next to his "sister" Hallie, another rescued miniature dachshund. You can see how much smaller she is than Poopert, who is somewhat closer to a standard Doxie. We've struggled with making sure he gets to go out, and he will frequently start to walk toward the door (if he's on the floor) or the edge of the "big bed" (yes, of course we let him up on the bed with us). I'm amazed at how much Perrin has grown on me in the last year, so much to the point that we're essentially a "foster fail" and he is ours now. The only main reservation is that, in order to be able to foster more dogs, we really need to have no more than 2 dogs in our house at a time. Right now we're fostering another super sweet dog named Coco who still needs to be fixed, and my 1000 square foot home suddenly feels much, much smaller.

Finding a great home for Poopert is still not out of the question, but it's hard to imagine handing him off to someone else. Nevertheless, for the greater good, I'd do it (meaning we could foster more dogs), provided whoever was going to take care of him would vow to love him in spite of his occasional accidents.

Poopert's heart

Life is good Unisex Good Dog Squeaky Heart Toy,Purple,One Size
Life is good Unisex Good Dog Squeaky Heart Toy,Purple,One Size

Poopert's favorite chew toy (or at least it looks like this)

Yes!  Outside!
Yes! Outside!

Your Daily Poopert

So... whenever Perrin doodies outside (where he's supposed to), I take a picture of the act, whenever possible, and email it to my girlfriend. We get all kinds of excited, and the subject of my emails is usually "Your Daily Poopert", or "YDP" for short. He really does want to do the right thing, and if he's willing to make the effort, then I'm going to redouble my own efforts to try to make sure he gets the opportunity to go outside.

Poopert also surprised us with how frisky he was (the heart above is one of the things he'll chase after if you throw it for him, and he runs surprisingly fast for a senior Dachshund with 3 1/2 functioning legs!). He's so playful, and when he's sleeping, he is absolutely adorable.


Sleeping Poopert
Sleeping Poopert

Poopert being cute (and possessive)


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Poopert and Hallie playing

Poopert's position in our household

Poopert and Hallie got along well. Hallie was our 14 year old miniature Dachshund, and Alley (my girlfriend) loved her with all her heart. I loved Hallie, too, and together we spoiled her absolutely rotten. Perrin entered into this household a year ago, and we completely expected only to have him for a few weeks, or perhaps a month or two at most, just long enough to nurse him back to health from his surgery (Perrin had all but three of his teeth removed, which is very common among senior Dachshunds, and had a growth underneath his front armpit taken out- benign). It has, therefore, been a constant evolution, as Perrin has grown closer to us over the last year. Whatever forever home we find for him, it will have to be a great one!

Update: Poopert adopted!

Poopert was adopted in September of 2014! It was really great to find a home where he could get the care he needed, joining a "pack" of other dogs. The woman who adopted him obviously really cares about her other (mostly senior) dogs, and Perrin has fit in well with them. This makes my heart happy!

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    • profile image

      hentaiclone 3 years ago

      You forgot to mention that the tested positive for Lymes disease when he was first vetted. Poor guy.

    • revolutionbjj profile image

      Andrew Smith 3 years ago from Richmond, VA

      @Merrci: Thanks, Merrci. He is a huge part of the family now!

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 3 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      He's a sweetie. I hope he gets to stay with you permanently where he will have understanding,love, and bed privileges! It's a good thing you've done!