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What the heck is a Puggles?

Updated on September 13, 2014

So, What Exactly is a Puggles?

Puggles are a Pug and Beagle mix, and they are adorable.  They are mild mannered lap dogs like the Pug, mixed with the energetic tendencies of a Beagle.

Puggle puppies are very happy and playful, and as puppies, they tend to go, go, go, and then bam!  Down for a nap!

They are very sweet dogs that require little mainenance and are great with children.

This is my Puggles.  Her name is Bandit.  We got her after I had to put down my Bichon Frise after 15 wonderful years with her.  Bandit is a little spitfire sometimes, but we wouldn't trade her for the world!

She makes the typical puggle snorting noises, but what is funny, I'm beginning to tell the difference between her snorts.  OK, you can think I'm crazy, but I know when she is tired, hungry, or has to go outside, by what kind of "snort" she does.  I'm not right all the time, but she is a little character!

The great thing about Puggles are their loyalty and affection.  I have extreme anxiety, and there's nothing like snuggling with my Puggles to bring it under control.  In fact, there have been studies saying that just petting puppies can lower anxiety and depression.

You can read more about that here:  Petting Puppies

Snuggle with a Puggle

More Characteristics of a Puggle:




*Good Natured

*Good with Children and other pets

They are energetic dogs with short hair, a wrinkled forehead, a curled tail, and drooping ears. They can be 10 to 15 inches tall and weigh between 15 to 30 pounds.

Get To Know Your New Puggles!

Even though Puggles are extremely affectionate, loyal, smart, and are very eager to please their owners, it is still important to care for them properly.

They need to play and have lots of exercise, they need their rest, they need plenty of food and water, and they need to be trained.

It takes work and dedication, but the rewards of having a happy, well-behaved Puggle far outweigh everything else.

Bandit Update!

Bandit is 2 years old today; October 9, 2008. She is still her naughty self at times, but that's only to get attention.

She is very loyal and very protective like most Puggles. If she hears someone crying or upset, she sticks right by their side.

She doesn't chew on shoes anymore, but loves her chew toys.

We are all still glad we chose a Puggle.

Puggles on YouTube

What's Your Favorite Puggle Story?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      hey these dogs arnt ugly no dog shuld b called ugly !! mabii just different !!

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      WorldTravelers916 9 years ago

      i just got a pug its the best dog!

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      WorldTravelers916 9 years ago

      who doesnt love a Pug!!!

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      WorldTravelers916 9 years ago

      i call these dogs pugglys, cuz they arent the cutest in the world.

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    • profile image

      lfleenor 11 years ago

      Hey someone else who knows what a puggle is! We also have a puggle.