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Puuuurrrrfect Pet fur me

Updated on September 12, 2014

How we came to be a family.

This is a story of how my cat and I became a family. I am trying to recall all the details in my head as I am writing to you today. She has been my best friend at times, and constantly tells me how much she loves me. The unconditional love from your pet is so pure.

I hope you enjoy this cute story.

Tinkerbell sleeping

Tinkerbell sleeping
Tinkerbell sleeping

Items to get for a newly adopted pet. - Tinkerbell had so much stuff when I brought her home.

It was almost like bringing my baby home, well she is my baby since my children are all grown up.

May 2009

How we met?

It is May of 2009 and my mom has come to stay with me while I go through surgery. We make all are appointments and finally get the okay to have pets around again. We go down to the Willamette Humane Society, to visit with the animals, and I get my FUR Therapy. Animals are so genuine with how they feel.

We visited so many cat and kittens, and I finally had chosen this pretty white Persian kitten. I wasn't sure if I wanted a cat at the time, as I was still having issues from my surgery. I told my mom I wanted to think about it. So, we go home and we discussed it some more. We wrote down the pros and cons to having a pet again. It had been years since I had a kitten and I did not want to have that feeling again when someone takes you animal out of shear vengeance. I could not take it again; I have always had animals that fit with my personality.

So, the following day we got up and talked about it a little bit more, and finally decided that it would be a good thing for the both of us. We head over to the Humane Society and with great enthusiasm I asked about the Cat I was visiting the day before. A few minutes had passed and then we had been told that someone else had come to buy her and unfortunately the cat had to go through a series of test before letting someone adopt her, and well she did not pass the test and they had to put the Cat to sleep.

Well with the medication I had been taking I was kinda out of it and I had said to my mom well we can look again and see if there is another one I might want. Now here is a little tid bit of information about me, I love Disney Movies and "Tinkerbell" who would fly out before the movies would start. I had a picture of Tinkerbell on my phone as my screen saver. I had not thought much about it at this point. It is important and will make more sense in just a moment.

We walk into the room where the newly arrived Cats were being housed. As my mom comes in she notices this little paw stretched out as if to reach me, but I had been bent down looking at some of the kittens on the bottom row, I wasn't much for looking up at the time, and it would cause me to get dizzy. And when I stood back up I was not close to the cage where the little paw had been. I kept walking and my mom say to me, "Cathy, guess what?" What mom, I was thinking as I turned my head towards my mom. She says to me, "This has to be a sign!" Okay now I am curious, and I turn to go to where my mom was standing. She tells me that the cats name is...(drum roll) "TINKERBELL" pa dum bump.

My mother said to me after I heard that my eyes lit up like they did when I was a little girl. Excitement like no other seemed to be pouring out of me, I wanted to go in the little room with her right there and then. My mom went to get someone to help us with the cat, she was kinda in a groggy state herself as she had just gotten back from having surgery too. I stood there talking to her and she would meow at me as if she were answering me too. It was like we understood what the other was saying.

The person who worked there had informed me that she had surgery and that she may not want to come out, I told the person that I did not believe that was going to be the problem here. So, we go into the room that they call "The Visiting Room" and wait for "Tinkerbell" to be brought in. They brought this cute little Calico kitten into me. Set her on the ground and she just started telling me all kinds of stories in her Meow Language. Then she would rub on my leg and jump into my lap and then into my mothers.

She finally settled in my lap and was kneading on my leg as she fell asleep. I told my mom right there and then that this was the cat for me. And my mom had this grin on her face as if to say "I told you so." My mom went to get the person so they could get the paperwork going. The person came in the visiting room and picked up Tinkerbell.

Now we have to wait.

Waiting seemed like forever.

We sit down with the adopting person that was helping us with the paperwork. While another person takes Tinkerbell in the back and they start the tests. The woman behind the desk asks me a few more questions and then gives me a packet of paperwork to fill out.

We go into the waiting room and wait for them to call us back when they were done with all the tests. My mom was filing out the paperwork for me as I was having a hard time focusing on what I was looking at. And that was just fine with me.It seemed like forever before we heard the chime of someone coming up with Tinkerbell, she passed all of her tests that they gave her. This was all new to me as I had never had to adopt a cat before. I was so excited that she was done and about to be coming home with me.

That is how Tinkerbell, a 6 month old kitten became my "TINKERBELL"


  1. Picture of Persian Cat courtesy of WIKI
  2. Pictures of Tinkerbell are courtesy of me.

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    • Catherine Frias 9 profile image

      Catherine Frias 3 years ago from Salem, Oregon

      Jogalog, I agree. Why would you do that to a kitten of any age? I asked them and they said it was to limit the exposure to kitty aids to be polite. I know I have been thinking about it for along time.

    • Jogalog profile image

      Jogalog 4 years ago

      I'm shocked that a cat would have to pass tests before being adopted and it's so sad that the first one you liked had to be put down because it didn't pass the tests.