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Do Rabbits Need to Go to the Vet?

Updated on May 18, 2020
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So you're new to rabbit care and wondering if rabbits need to be taken to the vet. I got your back, here you will get all the details!

Rabbits do need to go to the vet!

In some places, it is required for you to take your rabbit to the vet, and get your rabbit annual vaccinations. Even if it is not required for you to take your bunny to the vet it is highly recommended. The reason behind rabbits going to the vet regularly is because like us humans they need wellness checks to make sure everything's going ok in their system. Usually, rabbits under the age of 5 can go once a year and rabbits over the age of 5 twice a year. Most rabbits will have to go at least once in their life to an emergency vet appointment. This can be for a variety of reasons which we'll talk about in a second.

What are the possible emergencies that may occur?

One of the biggest worries any rabbit owner has is GA stasis, which is a deadly condition that is life-threatening to a rabbit. Another is a condition called sore hocks. Because bunnies don't have padding on their feet like cats and dogs they can develop an extremely uncomfortable state. The rabbit' feet can become inflamed and totally raw. Overgrown teeth can also occur when a rabbit does not have enough hay to stop stunt teeth growth. Believe it or not there are thousands of medical condition

What exactly is G.I. stasis?

G.I. stasis is also known as Gastrointestinal Stasis, and the silent killer, affects the digestive system, slowing it down or entirely stopping it. Basically bad bacteria starts to build up in the intestinal area and releases gas into the system which causes extremely painful bloating. Which then causes the rabbit to be less likely to eat or drink. This can kill your rabbit within 12 to 24 hours so it is very important to monitor what you're rabbit is eating because it could save their life. If you notice your rabbit is not eating or drinking call your vet immediately and pull out your first aid kit and syringe feed them water and oxbow critical care. Please do more research on this condition as it is important to be informed.

Do I really need a first aid kit?

Of course, this is so important and could possibly save your rabbit's life. Gauze, syringes, oxbow critical care, are just a few items to think about putting in your rabbit's first aid kit. You should also put your vet's number and address in the kit. Plus at least 2 other emergency vets that specialize in rabbits.

How important is it to bring my rabbit for wellness checks?

It is very very very important to take your rabbit to the vet once or twice a year because rabbits age must faster than humans. An indoor rabbits' lifespan is 10 - 14 years, if you're rabbit is 1 week old in human years he or she is probably about 1 year old in human years. If your rabbit is 1 year old they are 21 years in human years. So if you go to the vet twice a year you are really only going to the vet every ten years. If that makes sense. Since there are so many rabbit medical conditions the veterinarian needs to check up to see if they have arthritis or whatever it is.

Rabbit to Human Conversion Chart

Rabbit - 1 yr old
Rabbit - 5 yr old
Rabbit - 10 yr old
Human - 21 yr old
Human - 45
Human - 75
Rabbit - 2 yr old
Rabbit - 6 yr old
Rabbit - 8 yr old
Human - 27
Human - 51 yr old
Human - 63 yr old

How old is your rabbit?

Good luck!

Good luck with finding a great vet in your area! Owning rabbits is awesome but like us all, we come across medical conditions and broken arms that just aren't fair. Spaying and neutering are necessary and you might have to deal with that. Hope this helps answer some of your questions!

© 2020 Ella Roza


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