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Buy a Retractable Dog Lead Online

Updated on July 8, 2011

The Advantages of Retractable Dog Leads

Times have changed and simple advances in technology have made even the most basic task like walking your dog more enjoyable and convenient for all involved.

A retractable dog lead gives you increased control and your dog increased freedom. Walking your dog should not be a chore and it is important that it is a time that both of you look forward to.

A retractable lead is both a gift to yourself and your best friend as both of you will appreciate the benefits this simple device brings to your daily routine.

Now that retractable leads can be bought for around $20 they are accessible for all dog owners.

To buy a retractable dog lead online, click here.

A Typical Retractable Dog Lead

Types of Retractable Dog Leads

There are two main variables to decide on when choosing a retractable dog lead.

1) Dog Weight.  Larger dogs can obviously exert a greater force on the lead and as such require a greater breaking strain. If in doubt you should go for a higher grade as you do not want to be worrying about the reliability of your lead.

2) Lead Length. This will depend on where you will be walking your dog and the level of control required. If you are only ever going to be walking your dog in suburban areas a shorter lead may be sufficient. When your walk involves open spaces like parks and beaches a little extra length will be appreciated.

The Long Lead

At over 23 ft this lead is a great choice for adventurous dogs exposed to larger open spaces.

It has an ergonomic grip with one handed operation of its braking mechanism to ensure complete control even when you are carrying other items.

The Retractable Lead for Big Dogs

Capable of stopping dogs up to 110lbs, this 16 ft retractable lead is the perfect choice for big dog owners who are looking to retain control of sizable companions while still letting them enjoy the experience.

Retractable Dog Lead Plus Bag Dispenser

For small dogs only: This retractable Dog Lead is suitable for canines up to 45 pounds and extends to 16 feet. It comes with the added feature of a bag dispenser and 45 plastic bags to start you off.

You can get bag refills for less than $5 and they will last you for the next 120 "incidents" so ongoing control of both your dog and their waste is not a concern.

Retractable Dog Lead

Retractable Dog Leash

Retractable Dog Leash

A retractable dog lead is also known as a retractable dog leash.

The main aim of a dog lead is to maintain control over the dog to ensure that it does not harass any other animals or people. It can also help keep your dog safe when around cars.

The idea of a retractable dog lead is to allow the dog the freedom to go where it pleases when this is to your liking but to restrict its movement when it is potentially at risk to itself or others.

In some areas dogs are required by law to be on a lead so this type of product is the best way to let your dog feel like it is enjoying a natural walking experience.


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      4 years ago

      this is so cute! i would love to win this !fingers crossed , lol.i like the rock band ear buds , my duaehtgr would go crazy for them! thanks

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      4 years ago

      The hostney of your posting is there for all to see


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