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Rottweiler Labrador Mix- One Great Pup

Updated on May 22, 2015

Rottlador, Labraweiler, Labrotty, Wrablador, Roten Smiler-Don't Know but It's a Great pet.

Rott/lab mix has turned out to be one awesome dog. I have written an interesting personal account of my experience with this mix breed dog. I hope you enjoy the stories and follow me in future. I enjoy writing more than I thought I ever would and probably will keep it up for sometime to come.

I have a ton of things I can talk about, but lately I really have been diggin my dog so I am dedicating this to my pet. I don't expect this to really get much readership and that is okay because this particular article is about the joy that dog brings me and my family. I think pet lovers will appreciate this and owners of this mutt breed should take away a little more.

Okay, lets set a stage here, I have for the longest time refused to have pets. My standard retort was that I have enough on my plate trying to support my family without throwing an animal in the mix. My youngest daughter begged and pleaded for a cat or dog, but I stood my ground saying that she would not take care of it. I did break down at one point and got her some fish with the warning that I would not do anything to take care of these fish, it was all up to her. This was a back ended deal where if she was successful at raising fish we would discuss upgrading to a fur-bearer. The day never came as she let those poor fish suffer in filth until I called it and freed those little fish. The subject has not come up again and that was about fourteen years ago

My wife has always concurred with my decree of no pets until... I knew she had started to brew a scheme when her two closest friends had gotten new puppies and she was softly dropping hints. She would pull something like, "didn't you have a dog when you were young, what kind of dog was that again". I knew she was up to no good as we have been together for a long time and know and love each other very much, that does not change the fact that she is a snake.

Sitting in my usual corner of couch watching TV and working on my computer, where I am right now, she pops her head out of the hallway and looks right at me then ducts back down the hallway. My curiosity is peaked at this point as I never know what she is going to do next. She is akin to a certain TV personality from the early 60's that was constantly getting into one jam after another but was too lovable to get mad at, just with black hair instead of red. I am expecting anything at this point, except what I got.

I hear some whispering and some shuffling coming from the hallway which acts like a sound amplifier and one more sound that was different. A multiple thumping sound that had no specific rhythm to it and I couldn't place it, was she dragging something down the hallway? My eyes were trained on the hallway opening to the level at which her head would emerge with preset expression on my face, one that says what do you think you are doing. My eyes dropped to the flash that darted out low and black into the center of the room...time stood still right here. Two beady black/brown eyes locked with mine and we are the only two in the room, the chicken (my wife) remained in the hallway waiting for the explosion.

She got the nerve to enter the room and we paused as I looked directly into her sneaky little eyes. She held her breath in anticipation of my first words in regards to this blatant disregard for my permanent household decree. I said in a manly but calm voice " And you can't take it back right"? She exploded with "just look at her, she is soooo cute and and" I said "you blatantly disobeyed me".

I further went on to say " didn't you agree to love and OBEY" (this is a running joke we have had for years because she doesn't listen to me) her eyes were lit at this point and a huge cat smile stretched across her face.

It took three days for that dog to melt me into a puddle of jelly and my wife takes advantage by saying "see you love that dog" a slight reminder that she was right and I was wrong. I say "fine I was wrong, I love the heck out of this dog" and you better not hurt my dog. She looks like she has been bested at this point because I took a bad situation and flipped the tables on her, me and that dog are like peas and carrots. She finds me spoiling this dog like nobody's business, but so does she, this dog lives like a queen.

For a guy who didn't want the extra expense of owning and raising a dog, I went and purchased 1st grade lumber, employed the services of my top grade finish carpenter buddy, and built her a dog house that will pass building code, what a putz huh. All my good buddies look at me like " I told you so" and "ya, we know who wears the pants in your family", but I don't care cause I got my little dog.

I figured out that the underlying reason I would not allow a dog earlier was my fear of losing another dog. I had a Bernese mountain dog as a teenager and he was a really special dog, so special that I never considered another because they would pale in comparison. I was really wrong and feel that I short changed my kids now and regret that a bit.

This dog does not have to live up to my childhood dog because her personality is unique in and of itself. I can't say enough about this mix, at least from my experience. Some told me that rott lab mix is a gamble and that rotts are susceptible to disease, while others tell me they are great. For me it makes zero difference which is more true than the other because all I know is that my sneaky wife brought home one awesome dog. This dog requires very little training, she was house broken in a day, she doesn't chew up anything, she doesn't get into the garbage, she doesn't bark. she doesn't whimper. she doesn't dig holes, she doesn't beg...its kind of weird. She is perfectly healthy with shiny fur, very little shedding, energy, playful, soft mouthed, and muscular. Just an amazing dog in every sense, the only issue is her protectiveness. I have spoken to the family about this issue and how we must maintain control of our animal at all times because it is our responsibility and if she does bite someone even if she is protecting us we will probably lose her.

I am a big believer of practicing what you preach and after reading my neighbor the right act for his lack of control of his pet I am not about let my dog just wonder around. Our neighbor loves to have his companion with him at all times and just walks around his property with his dog following unleashed. This would not be a problem if his yard was fenced or if we lived out in the country but, we are on a fairly busy residential street. After witnessing this animal almost getting hit by a truck for the third time in the same week and the kid in the back seat almost going through the windshield when this guy slammed on his breaks, I had had enough.

I told this guy how the dogs brain is the size of a lemon and he depends on his master to keep him from harm in the city. I asked him what he was going to do when there is a dead dog and an accident with injuries right in front of his house and its all his fault. I also told him that I will be the first one to testify to lack of control he had over his pet and how he was completely negligent. He is actually a nice guy but, had never really thought about what he was doing and agreed with me. I told him I was doing it for his dog because his dog can not speak for itself. Unfortunately he only leashed his dog for about a month and is now back to being an inconsiderate idiot and I will hold true to my word when he is summoned to court.

As for my mutt she is getting regular training and she obeys really well. It is actually a joy to train this animal as she gets everything so quickly. When the day comes that she is gone I won't hesitate in getting another dog and most likely another rott/lab mix like her. I'm not sure if my dog story was good for you but it was good for me, except for the neighbor part.

Update, the neighbors dog was hit by a car and died. He has since gotten 2 more dogs that don't listen to him either, color me sad and pissed off.

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Go ahead mention the dog. Trouble. Lots of good memories myself of that dog. You just had to know that someday, the wife was going to drag home a dog after the bug hit. I agree, would be something if she actually listened to you, but hey, it goes both ways. Besides, you get that fine karoke night here and there at your house.