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The Annual Canadian Seal Hunt --- Brutality Revealed

Updated on December 15, 2011

A Tradition Not Worth Keeping

Every year in Canada, hundreds of seals are brutally slaughtered for their pelts, meat, oil, and even their genitals---to be used as an aphrodisiac. Once a seal loses their baby fur, there is no discrimination; they are all equal targets for seal hunters, even the very young seal pups who can barely swim away for protection from the hunters. Once the hunters scuttle from their boat and onto the ice with their menacing hakapicks (a tool that looks a lot like a long ice pick) ready to kill, all the seals can do is holler in alarm just before the sharp hakapick is forcefully slammed through their skulls, staining their icy environment a crude shade of red. The good news is that this issue apparently has the attention of enough caring people, because seal products no longer have a high demand in the economy, thus seal hunters are not getting paid enough to be motivated to continue the hunting. Still, the Canadian seal hunt continues with a small amount of hunters. There is always room for improvement, so don't give up now! Keep petitioning, protesting, boycotting, and whatever else you can, until this cruel tradition is a thing of the past!

The Canadian seal hunt is losing their battle against animal welfare, but in the meantime, seal pups that are not even a week old are drowning in the water as they unsuccessfully attempt to flee the hunters, and their drowning is a result of being very young and inexperienced swimmers. Mother seals are killed, which leaves their babies to starve to death. Seals don't always die immediately under the sharp blow of the hakapick; sometimes they suffer immensely as they basically drown in their own blood. Sometimes, they are skinned while they are still alive and conscious, although they clearly have fatal wounds. Hakapicks aren't the only weapon used to slay seals; regular clubs are also used to bludgeon them to death, which is of course slower and more painful. Or they are gunned down by hunters from their boat. Canada kills more seals than any other country in the world, which is nothing to be proud of.

Watch this video to see the graphic truth of how disturbing and unacceptable the Canadian seal hunt truly is. You will notice one of the hunters taking notice of the fact that he is being filmed savagely murdering seals, and he clearly isn't too happy about being exposed. I suppose he sees nothing wrong with making animals suffer and die in order to feed his wallet and contributing to the ignorance and narcissism of society. You will notice that some of the seals are bleeding, yet still struggling to breathe and escape. Then a hunter comes and finishes them off. It's heartbreaking to witness this, but there is still a flicker of hope for the rest of the seals who have yet to be destroyed. This is where you come in...

What's Your Part in This?

Petitions, the boycott, and exposure of seal cruelty has made a significant impact on the slow-down of seal hunting over the years. Of course, there are other creative ways to do your part in diminishing the Canadian seal hunt. Whichever option you choose, know that there is proof that our efforts pay off, no matter how small they may seem. That is why seal products aren't being sold, hunters aren't making a profit, and less seals are being killed each year!

The Sad Seal Hunting Scene


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