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Senior Dog Food ... For A Longer, Healthier Life

Updated on August 30, 2017

What's So Special About Senior Dog Food?

Is senior dog food any different from regular dog food? Well, yes . . . and no.

To be sure, a well-balanced diet is essential for dog health at any age (and for any breed). However for an older dog, an increase of vitamins and minerals play a huge role in easing the burdens of aging.

Whether he or she has a specific ailment or just aches and pains, healthy dog food coupled with the right vitamins and minerals supplements can actually promote a longer life.

Be sure to check with your vet about your dog's specific needs.

If your dog has any health conditions, or has had digestive problems in the past, your vet might have specific feeding guidelines.

Striking a Healthy Balance When Making Homemade Dog Food

Many will say that an older dog will benefit far more from home cooked meat, rice and vegetables than he or she would from canned meat. By using home cooked ingredients, you could actually control exactly how much of the various vitamins and minerals that your older dog gets.

If you decide to prepare homemade dog food . . .

  • Always, make sure you provide a solid mix of protein, vegetables and grain (like rice).
  • About 20-25% of the mix should be protein and the rest carbohydrates. These carbs should be a mix of vegetables and grain, with a higher proportion of vegetables to grain. This could change depending on your dog's preferences and input from your vet.
  • There are several great dog food recipe books around that can help you make doggone good (and nutritious) dishes and treats.
If you're not quite ready to make home-cooked meals for your pooch, don't worry . . . There is healthy, all natural dog food products you can purchase.

Quick Tips On Feeding An Older Dog

Recipes for Dog Food

and natural health advice

you can use for your senior dog

Recipes For Dog Food + Natural Health for Dogs (& Cats) - If you don't get any other guide, you need to have this one . . .

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats
Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats

"Dr. Richard Pitcairn again demonstrates why he is so respected in his field. This book should be required reading for anyone seeking true, lasting health for their animals and will continue to be a must-read for my clients." -- Larry A. Bernstein, VMD


For Senior Dogs ... Consider A Raised Dog Bowl - Like This One . . .

To help improve digestion and ease the stress on posture (especially for a mid-sized to large dogs), consider getting an raised dog bowl or elevated dog feeder.

OurPets Signature Series Elevated Dog Feeder 14"
OurPets Signature Series Elevated Dog Feeder 14"

The Signature Series Designer Diner was designed to fit into any home decor while providing an ergonomically correct feeding position for improving digestion and posture and reducing stress.


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